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Aries: rebellious

One of the most outgoing in the Zodiac, Aries needs a little (much) magic in their relationship. He therefore goes to great lengths in quality moments and gives of his time. Must be avoided immediately: let it get boring! Small flat: the ram is very often artichoke heart … It often changes partner, so if you manage to keep one long enough, we can say that you are quite lucky.

Taurus: so

His sense of humor makes more than one fall, that’s what makes the Bull’s charm. And when he finally gets involved in a relationship, gifts and cute little details are his strong point. It is safe to say that a Taurus will love you through the material and the sensual rather than the words. The big discussions are a bit of his obsession, but we do not blame him.

Twin: talkative

Gemini clearly has a reputation for breaking hearts. However, he invests heavily in his relationships. What he adores above all: to talk, talk, talk! He has excellent communication skills … every other day. His tendency to have a split personality can cause problems. There are days with and days without … knowing before dating this astro sign.

Cancer: idealistic

Oh Cancer! Gentle, loving, sensitive … and often emotionally unapproachable. He is the great idealist of the Zodiac. It is quite rare to see a cancer with several people in the head. When he holds you, he will have a hard time letting go. Having good intimate moments with her partner is what drives her. If it all ends, he’s having a hard time recovering. So let’s take care of our little cancer patients!

Leo: Hot

The Great King of the Zodiac. The in love Leo is loyal and warm. As usual, he likes to be the center of attention, and that also translates into his romantic relationship. And yes, this sign requires a lot of attention. But not without something in return! He loves to surprise his partner and communicates mainly through physical contact. You can quickly find yourself on a small cloud of happiness when you date a Lion.

Virgo: ubiquitous

It’s no longer a secret that Virgo is ultra-perfectionist (sometimes even psycho-rigid). She knows everything, thinks about everything, cares about everything. And in love, it’s pretty cool. When you are in a relationship with a virgin, you are sure to be taken care of. They are often said to be self-absorbed, but in fact they care deeply about others. We can say whatever we want, the virgins still make our little heart melt.

The weight: harmonious

Libra hypnotizes us with its beauty. Soft and balanced, it seems ideal for a harmonious pair. His greatest talent: listening, all the time. And it certainly feels good not to face a wall! The little extra? It is full of refined and original attention. Yes, it is a bit of the ideal partner, we give it to you.

Scorpio: Seductive

We all have in mind this scorpion that looks totally inaccessible and at the same time irresistibly sexy. The most mysterious of the Zodiac hides his game well. Behind his seductive face: a big heart. We do not hide it from you, being with a scorpion is always quite intense. Quality time and physical devotion on the agenda. Once the mystery is solved, Scorpio can revolutionize your life.

Sagittarius: unsustainable

Sagittarius has a really adventurous soul … well, let’s say: he’s a party animal. A real free electron that ravages everything in its path. Submit. Her restless and dreamy soul totally makes us fall under her spell. The problem is that he is suddenly quite lonely. So if a shooter offers you to join him in his nonsense, take it as a sign of love.

Capricorn: demanding

Trust is the key word for Capricorn. And for once, he really sets the bar high. It takes a lot to be estimated in his eyes, he is clearly the most demanding of the Zodiac. Once you’re on his radar, the party can begin. Modest and reserved in love but very reliable. A Capricorn will shower you with gifts!

Aquarius: eccentric

We give you, Aquarius is quite complicated to identify. With his quirky and eccentric look, you never know what to expect. But they are still extremely charming. As a couple, they are tireless! Action and reflection control their relationships. At least when you date an Aquarius, the days do not look the same.

Pisces: Passionate

Forgetting to love yourself when you love yourself: a phrase that fits Pisces like hand in glove. Behind their mysterious gaze an empathetic and generous soul. For yes, this is not new, Pisces gives everything for its conditions. On the other hand, you should clearly not be afraid of deep and intense discussions. Their sensitive heart loves these great moments of intimacy together.

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