“Attackers get to believe that love has no age”: the animated community lives its Me Too thanks to Anissa

Armed with her Instagram page @metooanimation, activist and influencer Anissa lifts the omerta and condemns child crime in the middle of summer camps. Hundreds of messages have already reached him.

I was 10 years old and he was 27. It was in the camp at a castle in the Loire. One night he whispered in my ear, “You are beautiful, if you were a little older, we would do things”. It was on the ninth day of my stay that he carried out his threats and came to my room in the middle of the night. He raped me.

My name is Anissa, I’m an activist and influencer on social networks, and I launched the #MeTooAnimation movement about a week ago to condemn sexual violence in entertainment times like summer camps, summer camps, and so on.

I started this Instagram page because as a host for 4-5 years I have seen a lot of abnormal things, illegal behavior from hosts and hostesses. I was able to see leaders sexualize young girls and also leaders sexualize young boys.

I also saw animators exchanging their phone numbers with children and having contacts after summer camp. To have wandering hands under the pretext that it’s in the game, that it’s in a moment of humor and sympathy.

The trigger came from a testimony I received from a young girl I had had at summer camp. She explained to me that one of her friends during summer camp had sexual intercourse with one of my former colleagues.

The host was about 23-24 years old and the girl about 15 years old. She realized years later that it was actually fair sexual assaulteven rape. In many testimonies I have had children explain to me that the perpetrators and rapists in question told them that love had no age, that they were in love, that they could have relationships after summer camp. Or even after the attack or the rape in question, we explain to them that we must keep the secret that it is between us. I have young girls who have already lodged a complaint against their attacker and against their rapists, and the police either did not receive the complaints or received them in a very inappropriate way by asking them how they were dressed, how they behaved with facilitators. Maybe they had sought them out and it was deserved. I noticed that there was a big omerta on this topic. From colleagues I have been able to work with, from certain departments.

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I had already talked about it with colleagues when these attacks and abnormal behaviors happened. There are many people who did not believe in me and there are also people who simply behaved as if nothing had happened.

They knew about it, but they continued to work in these organizations. I think there is a huge problem in the animation environment and in the training. For example, BAFA is available to everyone, even if we ask for the criminal record at the time of training, for example.

We no longer ask for it in terms of recruitment in summer camps, summer camps … I was able to apply for more than 50 summer camps and I was never asked for my criminal record. There are also coaches who attack and rape interns, so I also think it’s a huge problem when the coaches are first worried. It’s been a while since I wanted to shout about this, to change things, to change the formation of BAFA and that these people should be punished.

I finally found the courage when I realized that summer was on its way and summer camps were about to start again. And that these people would return to having children in their care and abusing them. There is information work to be done with parents, with children.

We can talk about child crime to very young children as long as we use the appropriate terms. Parents need to be able to ask their children when they will return from summer camp, when they will return from summer camp, whether the summer camp or whether the summer camp went well. If there were animators who had abnormal behavior. Children should have words so that they can verbalize their emotions because a child may not be able to explain why an animator was strange. Why he did not like this particular animator. The #MeTooAnimation must be used to challenge the public authorities so that there are real consequences and that BAFA becomes more monitored. The training, the colonies as well as all the affected animation circles.

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However, I would like to point out that we should not see summer camps, outdoor centers and other entertainment environments as the pet. These are places where you have to keep sending your kids. The children must be able to continue going to summer camp. For a well-supervised summer camp, with good leaders and in a good organization, these are the best moments in a child’s life! Me, I’m a product from summer camps from my 5 years to my 17 years, and I think it’s quite successful …

So really do not forget. If you feel worried and have experienced sexual violence in an animated environment. Whether it’s at summer camp, in an outdoor center or in a holiday club. We are here for you, we believe in you and you can testify anonymously on the Instagram page @metooanimation as well as on the Twitter page or on the Facebook page. “


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