Behind the scenes in the production of the little sister for “Love is in the meadow”

One hand on their furry beast, another on the remote. Like millions of French men and women, the peasants of Love is in the meadow are easy to navigate when it comes to choosing a TV show to watch. The choice is much less difficult Monday night when the first tones off Haven’t met you yetthe theme song for the show that made it possible for them to find love, on M6.

Finally, it’s what love seen from the meadow want us to believe. For two years, the channel has offered its audience one Beginning rural and rural by filming the former farmers reacting to the episode, which has just been aired in the first part of the evening. The opportunity for them to remember good memories, but also to offer the public a reflection in the mirror: like everyone else, they are also embarrassed when a participant takes a rip, and like everyone else, they also suffer from a tear when a suitor or woo packages together. their bags, shattered, after being rejected.

Twenty farmers, no casting

In order for the previous campaigns to comment on the adventures of their colleagues, you can imagine that they have access to the episodes before the regular city dweller. Recorded over fourteen days between April and May, the photos of the farm stays must be edited before being delivered to the canal. And it takes time. Those who comment on the program are therefore filmed in their sofa between three weeks and a month before M6 viewers discover it in turn.

This year, fans of the program especially find Jérôme and Lucile, Mathieu and Alexandre, Laurent and Maud from season 15 or even Pierre and Fred from the seventh edition. Before welcoming the cameras into their living room, the farmers do not pass any casting or testing. “Not at all, never in life!” Exclaims Déborah Huet, director of programs for Fremantle France production, when asked the question.

“They must already want to do it and be available. It must not fall under e.g. autumn or fairs. And then afterwards we compose ”, she clarifies. To get a good mix you need farmers from more or less recent seasons, couples, friends and finally different age groups.

But where is Karine Le Marchand?

When the agricultural stars sit down on their sofas, they start filming two shows. In front of them three cameras and two cameramen. It’s for the image side. On the audio side, what the public does not know is that farmers do not watch the same program as everyone else, as the voice-over is not provided by Karine Le Marchand, but by Nicolas Villeroy, the director of post-production of the bonus.

For scheduling reasons, the host is unable to record comments on all upcoming episodes. Just-in-time increase, Love is in the meadow is therefore not ready weeks in advance. Karine Le Marchand, she records voiceover of two episodes per session over the water. It is therefore necessary that farmers imagine his voice when they discover the program.

Love always Love

Since the start of the season, love seen from the meadow can count on 1.65 million followers, or 19% of the public on average. Beautiful scores that might seem surprising: The very principle of the program is to review pictures that the public has just discovered a few minutes earlier in the first part of the evening. Tired, are you there? “The good thing for the viewers is to see that the stories work and last,” says Déborah Huet. We’re actually checking in on the family. »

Observe the development of couples, discover their children’s faces and remember the highlights of previous seasons, that’s also what love seen from the meadow. “Every time you have their decryption of what the farmers of the season are experiencing, and inevitably they draw a parallel with what they have experienced,” notes Déborah Huet. Without forgetting the love, of course. “Seeing them flourish also gives hope. »

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