Couples: 8 signs that prove there is a problem in your relationship

Your partner does not want to define your relationship, he / she is not enterprising, your friends do not like him / her … Maybe he / she is not the right person for you.

QWhen we meet in love, it is sometimes difficult to see all facets of the personality of our new partner. And please, even if we had a crush, our review may be biased because we see its positive sides and everything works perfectly. However, it is possible to know from the beginning whether our relationship is healthy or not. Just watch out for any “red flags”.

According to dating psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree, a “red flag” is “something your partner does that indicates a lack of respect, integrity or interest in the relationship”. Clearly, this is a sign that should make you aware that this person is certainly not the right one.

There are eight to really take care of, reports The Independent.

He / she does not want to put a name to your relationship after several months

Today, there are a wealth of words to describe a romantic relationship, which can create ambiguity. We have all experienced this period where we do not really know how to define our relationship. In general, it does not last long and the famous discussion “by the way, what are we? A couple ? arrives after a few days or weeks and puts an end to all doubt.

So, if the person you see and kiss after several months still does not want to define your relationship, then be worried. It can be one signs that she is not serious, that she does not want to commit or that she already is in another relationshipexplains Madeleine Mason Roantree.

He / she does not post pictures of you on his / her social networks

This person certainly does not like to share his daily life and his intimacy on the internet or has not been active on social networks for five years. If so, you do not need to worry. Corn on the contrary, if your partner spends hours on Instagram, Facebook and others and is used to sharing pictures of his exes, it’s a bad sign. That could mean ithe “does not see you as a long-term option” or that he is not ready to “show you to the world”continues the psychologist.

He / she is not enterprising

Is it always you who suggests seeing each other, doing a restaurant or an activity? You may be in a “one-sided relationship” and that’s not a good thing. Your partner “requires you to do all the work,” the expert explains. “Someone who is genuinely interested in you will contribute and be proactive in the relationship.”

You express your feelings differently

Are you more romantic than your partner? Do you compliment him a lot? Or the other way around? This can create an imbalance in your relationship. “If you expect one thing and get another, you may not be as compatible as you hoped”explains to the British daily, James Preece, coach in romantic relationships.

He / she exercises control over you

In society, as in a family, a friendly or romantic relationship, everyone should be equal. No one has more power than another. If this is not the case with your couple “and it one of you seems to be constantly exercising control over the other, who is more submissive, consider this a red flag. “, says the coach. Jealousy can be a sign of an imbalance of power.

He / she never compromises

One cannot agree on everything in a relationship. Everyone has their own personality, their own tastes and their own desires. The key is to find common ground between your and your partner’s needs and, above all, not to camp on his positions. So if you or the person you are with can not compromise, there is probably something “seriously wrong with your relationship”.adds the coach.

Your friends or family hate him or her

Of course, even within a family, not everyone likes each other, but if your loved ones say more negative things than positive things about your life partner, you should ask yourself questions. Especially since those around us can often see things we will never seesays James Preece.

One of you has secrets

This is an obvious red flag. If we do not necessarily need to share all our thoughts with each other, to hide something from your partner, “will inevitably hurt your relationship at some point”ends the relationship coach.

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