Couples: these unhealthy habits that show that your romantic relationship is toxic

by Jessica Meurens

We hear more and more about toxic relationships in love, but also in friendship and even within the same family … But how do you recognize these unhealthy relationships when you are in it? You get a few characters that are generally not to be mistaken.

Toxic conditions do not only occur in couples. Sometimes a friendship or even a family can be toxic and lead to nothing but make you suffer during the situation. But it is actually in the context of love that we most often think of this notion. Yet, the habits that hurt self-esteem are often the same, regardless of the nature of the relationship.

But how do you know when you’re in a toxic relationship? Clearly, all the perversion of these conditions lies in the fact that we do not realize it, or not immediately. It is not physical violence, but rather psychological violence, which leads to the influence of one partner on the other.

Humiliation, degradation, diminished self-esteem … Toxic partners attack a person’s self-confidence so that it completely destroys it. It is also for this reason that their “victims” are not aware of what is happening to them and think that they cannot live without their partner. In general, it is when the relationship is over that we realize that it was toxic.

Here are the signs that usually mean you are in a toxic relationship

  • Your partner is very sweet in the beginning: he seduces you, flatters you, offers you gifts, etc. The goal is to develop some participation to give you the impression that you are in a healthy relationship.
  • He places himself on a pedestal: he gives you the impression and tells you that he is not “just anyone” and he makes you feel that it is a true privilege to share his life. He will not fail to point this out to you as soon as he has the opportunity, and tell you that you will never find better, that your life would be zero without him.
  • He still holds you accountable for everything: when you express your discomfort in the relationship, he always puts the blame on you and makes you feel guilty.
  • Fear of being abandoned: people who are in a control relationship are often affectionately addicted, they are afraid of being abandoned and are ready to do too much for love and to be loved.
  • You are not calm: you always feel that a threat is hanging over you and you feel that your relationship will end at the slightest problem. He is also indifferent and even insensitive when you are feeling bad about yourself or are sick.
  • You apologize to him for everything: no matter what he says or does, you always come up with excuses for him and fool yourself into thinking he will actually change.
  • You are obsessed with him: you think about it all the time, all day. It even becomes obsession. But you still feel uncomfortable thinking about him, and your thoughts are not always positive.
  • You are isolated: you have left your friends and no longer practice your favorite sport or activity. You live completely in his world and even adopt his centers of interest and frequent his acquaintances.
  • He criticizes you: he criticizes everything, all the time. You, your friends, your family, your work … He uses unpleasant sentences but keeps a sweet voice. He has the ability to devalue you and undermine your morals while lowering your self-esteem.
  • Everything is always complicated: whether it is to know which movie to watch, what gift to give or what to eat, then it is always complicated and it often ends up in confusion. It’s simple, he never agrees with you and you usually end up giving up and doing what he wants.
  • You feel depressed: you have the impression of having lost your zest for life, you feel tired, you have less enthusiasm … It seems that your partner’s influence especially affects you.

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