criticized in France, hampered by “his” Ultras, Messi is full of love in Argentina

All smiles since the start of the Albiceleste collection, in Ezeiza, the sevenfold Ballon d’Or has been pampered by an entire people. It changes him …

No one is a prophet in his own country? A term that obviously does not apply to Leo Messi, who has been welcomed as a hero since he set foot in Argentina. Absent during the last Albiceleste rally, he had preferred to take the time to recover after incurring a hard Covid, the 34-year-old seven-time Ballon d’Or returned to his home country earlier this week along with his teammates at PSG Leo Paredes and Angel Di Maria. The latter, hit in the back thigh against Real Madrid (3-1 defeat), is also operative for the first match in the selection on Friday, at Bombonera, against Venezuela. To see if he will be able to start on the other side … For Messi there is no problem: he returns to the pitch after missing the parody of the match delivered by Paris Saint-Germain in Monaco on Sunday ( 3-0), influenza.

He was also and above all received in disgust by Ultras against Bordeaux (3-0) and many observers in France … Critics who above all invited Pulga to double their efforts to do better and prove that he is not, did not come to Paris on early retirement, after 21 years in Barcelona. At least that’s what his entourage has been leaking here and there in recent days. “He understands the whistle, even if it hurts“, Recently deciphered another legend of the plot, Michel Platini, on RMC . “I was also whistled in the Parc des Princes, even though I have never been to Saint-Etienne or Juve … Personally, I would not do that, but we have the right to whistle, the customer is king. But it must be very hard to live“, Continued the former playmaker in Blues.

Messi shines

One thing is for sure: Messi is not angry about his pleasure in sailing in a much more favorable context in Argentina than in Paris for a handful of days, an enchanted parenthesis in Ezeiza … It shows. He shines with every performance, on and off the court. Hugs galore, selfies, lots of love for the captain of the winners of the last Copa America, before Argentina’s last two matches in the qualification for the World Cup 2022. Argentina, who already has his ticket in his pocket, but who may not play again in front of his audience before the World Cup .

It is therefore a whole people who bow to come to the aid of their messiah, just like many of our colleagues in the media. The sport daily Ole does not go there by four ways and the title thus in One, Thursday: “Go to Argentina! Whoever does not jump is a Frenchman!“. And the newspaper adds:After the whistle at PSG, will he be a hit tomorrow at Bombonera? Messi is preparing to say goodbye to the country and we are preparing to welcome him.To see if number 30 in PSG will continue with his national team at the end of Qatar’s World Cup, he who will celebrate his 35th birthday next June.

Meanwhile, everyone has only eyes for Messi, starting with Chiqui Tapia, the federal president, who welcomed him as soon as he got off the private plane he took from Paris with Paredes and Di Mary (see below). And it is a good form to slander the Parisian whistles in the form of blasphemy or the criticism that is considered unworthy of the French media … “Leo is fine here. He’s fine. We managed to get the band to assimilate who they are“, says the Argentine coach, Lionel Scaloni, at a press conference. It quickly forgets that Leo Messi has not always been considered Argentina’s darling. The climax of the tensions goes back to the Copa America in 2011. For a long time he was seen by his countrymen as a Spaniard, Barcelonaers more than Argentines.Water has run under the bridge since then.

Short and / or selective memory

We have also abused Messi enough, let’s not play patriots now“Recently remembered Marcelo Gallardo, former player at PSG and current coach of River Plate.”I heard many people were outraged, but we made him tough before announcing his international pension. Afterwards, he changed his mind, and thank God he came back. But let’s be consistent and remember things“, he added, declaring to be neither”Okay“nor”surprised”Of the enchantment aimed at the“ Chip ”.

Meanwhile, this bath of love and good feelings can only do Lionel Messi the greatest good before he throws himself back into the lion’s den in Paris. We imagine that the reception of the Parc des Princes will not be much warmer on Sunday 3 April against Lorient than it had been against the Girondins, just after the Parisians in Madrid in the Champions League. It should be noted that it is not so much Messi himself as the symbol of a sports policy devoid of common sense and more oriented towards marketing than the field that Parisian supporters are targeting. It’s up to Messi to find himself in it during the season’s last nine matches at the Rouge et Bleu, including five at the Parc des Princes and one against … the Marseille rival. It promises. As Messi is also under contract until 2023 in Paris-SG, with an option for one more year.

Before returning to Paris, Lionel Messi will still be able to enjoy his South American cocoon for a few days. After Venezuela in Boca Jrs’ cave this Friday, it is in Quito, against Ecuador, that he and his teammates will meet on Tuesday for their second match in this collection, and the last in qualifying for the World Cup. . In any case, the former Barça will return to the banks of the Seine with a fresher mind than Marco Verratti and Gianluigi Donnarumma, eliminated in the play-offs of Northern Macedonia with Italy (0-1) on Thursday… It is always taken.

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