Curving: a toxic love practice close to ghost

The neologism in -ing to point out new love practices never ceases to amaze us. After ghosts, breadcrumbs, roaching or even cookies, here’s a new term: curved. Another harmful love practice that risks doing a lot of harm.

Curved, what is it?

that curvature is a behavior lovers after the seduction. The first person to mention it was Brittany Cox, on the Thought Catalog, in 2017. Derived from “curve”, which means “sinuus”, this technique is equivalent to a sneaky way of avoiding a crush or a partner while getting him to think that we still have some interest. It denotes this person who is not constant in his exchanges with you. The one that never gets wet. The Urban Dictionary, an English-language dictionary and bible of slang, defines this trend as “like a ghost, but more violent because people want to look nice”.

In one situation, this is illustrated by the following kind of situation: Two consenting adults turn around and flirt cheerfully. They create the look of a relationship. Gradually, the curver begins to take a little longer to respond, posing for a few rabbits, and gradually losing interest.

Curvature can also take the form of a man or woman refusing to talk about the nature of your relationship. You sleep together once in a while, you laugh a lot, but when it comes to telling the truth, he or she disappears. As a couple, this method can also be one breakup technique if he or she does not dare leave you.

Curving: a narcissistic love practice

This toxic love practice is even more insidious than slow fading and ghost. For good reason, the person using it makes it an honor to maintain an ounce of tape. He or she will from time to time give you some time via message or personally to get you to dive back. It’s not brutal, and it can even spread over months, or even more.

The ego, often oversized, accessible to the executioner, is his main motivation. He does not want to be forgotten and does the least to continue to be the object of your desire. It is clear that the person may not answer you from Monday to Friday, so you will be called 5 minutes on Saturday. Result: you delete all the views from your memory and presto you dive back.

Curving is often used by people who enjoy watching you bond with them. Their ego gets boosted while your plunging. That love toxicity is at its highest. We can easily make the connection between narcissistic pervert and curves.

What attitude should one take to the curve?

Before considering a solution, the problem must be identified. So how do we know if we are victim of curvature ? You can start by analyzing your last exchanges, focusing on the time the individual spends responding. Yes, a message sent in the middle of the week at 15.00 can legitimize a response time of more than two hours. But if he or she even takes the time to answer you in the evenings and on weekends, ask yourself questions. The same if your excursion suggestions do not have the success they deserve.

Curvature can be difficult to diagnose. For good reason, if you really like the person, you will be inclined not to see the red flags (signals indicating that you need to flee). Do not hesitate to ask the opinion of a friend who can advise you objectively.

Once you have identified this problematic behavior, you have two options: either you forget it and decide to get out of this toxic pattern where you are being manipulated, or you talk about it with the person to try to understand the reasons for his ghost very sneaky.

But to be completely honest with you, if a crush or a partner inflicts this type of behavior on you, it’s because you do not mean enough to them. We would therefore be more likely to encourage you to flee. You deserve an honest person who respects you. Preserve yourself and remember that it is better to be a happy single.

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