Experience your free horoscope from March 27 to April 2, 2022 by Christine Haas

Here is your horoscope, sign by sign, dean by dean. The astrologer gives you his predictions about love, wealth, work, family and health for next week.

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March 20 – April 20

Social life You will quietly say out loud what others are thinking. Some will appreciate your honesty, but not all will. So try not to go too hard anyway (born in early April).

The emotional life You will not feel free to act as you see fit (3rd Dean). Maybe because of the cancellation of an excursion that you were looking forward to. Or are you worried about a close friend?


April 20 – May 21

Social life The mood should be less tense than last week. The fact is that you are under pressure and have a hard time relaxing (2nd dean). If too much is being asked of you, say so.

The emotional life Your morals may not be in good shape (3rd decan). You do not have a very good image of yourself these days. You tend to judge yourself too harshly. Be indulgent.


May 21 – June 21

Social life You get good, original, innovative and creative ideas. Do not hesitate to share them with your colleagues or with your loved ones. You will see they will be well received.

The emotional life You may fall for someone who is older than you or already in another relationship. Let time do its thing and above all try not to go faster than the music (3rd dean).


June 21 – July 23

Social life You will be very convincing in the coming days (2nd Dean). If you have a request, or a contract you need to negotiate, you really have a chance to achieve satisfaction. Get started!

The emotional life You keep asking yourself a lot of questions (3rd Dean). Some are constructive; others do not. Try to make the difference between what is fear and what is reality.


July 23 – August 23

Social life The sun sends you warm rays from the kind sign Aries (born in July). You want to get away from the routine. Therefore, travel and learning are encouraged.

The emotional life It’s not the best week of the year in the love business. Someone you love takes distance. Or it is you who feel the need to be alone (3rd Dean).


August 23 – September 23

Social life You have a very sharp view of others. You read them like an open book. And it is a great asset in discussions and negotiations (1st Dean). We can not hide anything from you.

The emotional life You are in a subway, work, sleep mood (3rd Dean). You have your routine, with your little habits. It’s probably very reassuring for you, but are you not a little bored?

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September 23 – October 23

Social life Someone you know will say things to you that you do not like. And why not tell him that clearly? You do not have to add water to your wine all the time (1st Dean).

The emotional life For once, your love life may not be your priority. You would rather take care of yourself and take care of your well-being (3rd Dean).


October 23 – November 22

Social life It’s time to tidy things up with a colleague (or neighbor) and tell them what you think. It is better to blow up the boil than to let the situation rot, even if it is difficult (1st dean).

The emotional life It is not joy in your family life (3rd Dean). You may even be concerned about the health of an aging close relative. Do not see everything negatively.


November 22 – December 22

Social life You can be complimented on your good looks or congratulated on the quality of your work (born in November). They will be sincere, so do not begin to demean them. Enjoy them!

The emotional life Such is the take, who thought he took! You thought you were just having a good time and you realize you really like this person (3rd decan). Give this story a try and you’ll see.


December 22 – January 20

Social life Take care of your reactivity! You will actually be more receptive than usual. It takes a while for you to get on your high horse and set off in a quarter turn (1st dean).

The emotional life You can not control others or change them. As long as you do not accept this reality, your emotional relationships can be complicated. And then you waste your energy (native of the 3rd dean).


January 20 – February 19

Social life You will be in a talkative mood, especially if you are from the month of January. You also need to be careful not to be indiscreet. You risk saying too much or committing an annoying blunder.

The emotional life You do not feel free to do as you please. This may be due to the distant attitude of a loved one. Or it is you who sets up imaginary barriers.


February 19 – March 20

Social life You may have an unexpected expense to make (born in February). Do not rush headlong and take the time to consider the various options before embarking on this purchase.

The emotional life You’re tired right now. Whether it comes from too much work or a sleep problem, you really need to slow down. Listen a little more to your body (native to 3rd Dean). Rest.

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