“For the first date, he took me to his best friend’s birthday”

The big swipe

You necessarily know couples around you who are formed through a dating application. Maybe you’ve even experienced it. The big swipe tells these amazing stories of Love or Friendship 2.0, starting with a swipe, a like or just a message.

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Natacha and Romuald match via the Tinder application on a Friday afternoon. Both single and looking for love, they quickly start exchanging messages to get to know each other better: “It was very fast. I do not think we did much work that day in the office. But I had the impression that with each of his messages, it seemed more and more between us.It was flawless.And that was why I asked him after an hour or two if we could meet the same evening.I’m pretty cash as a girl, but I admit that I had never done that.

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Romuald seems to hesitate, but accepts: “He warned me that he had planned something afterwards, but that we could meet for an aperitif in a bar not far away. I went there as I was, that is to say with the outfit I wore. at work, without having had time to redecorate my make-up. But I was happy, a little on cloud nine. Arrived at the bar, I got it recognized right away. He had a bag “with a gift package sticking out, I understood he was invited to a birthday party. I apologized for interrupting his schedule, and then we started talking.”

An unexpected first date

Between Natacha and Romuald, the chemistry is clear: “We blew each other’s eyes out and laughed incessantly. It was not just a physical thing, but all at the same time. At 8pm he told me he had to go, but he could not did not like it. He hesitated and then he asked me if I wanted to go with him. I was afraid to find myself directly in a family thing but he told me explained that it was her best friend’s birthday. I was under pressure, but it was much more possible than Grandma’s 80th birthday. I went with it. “

On the way, Natacha insists on buying a bottle of wine: “I would not arrive empty-handed other than hit my head on the nail. I would make a good impression. This girl was still her best friend. A girl who had to rate in 3 seconds whether “I was good to him or not. When we walked in the door, I was not smart, and then I took a deep breath and I started smiling at everyone.”

Natacha is very well received: “That’s why Romuald was not stressed! It’s because he already knew they were all cute. Really, they made me feel like I was already part of the group. Nobody knew, that we had only known each other for a few hours, and I was told that Romuald never introduced anyone. I felt exceptional. The evening went like a dream. “

“He kept sleeping, but there was no sex”

When the evening is over, Romuald offers Natacha to take her home: “It was a real gentleman’s gesture and I really liked it. He took me home and I asked him to come and drink herbal tea. He slept with me, but there was no sex until the morning. We were in love with each other and we have not left each other since. He came to stay with me two months later. We took a cat a month later and there we talk about marriage. It I do ‘I do not know if I like this idea, but I know that if I do one day, it’s with him. “

Natacha is convinced that she gave herself the opportunity to live this story thanks to her enthusiasm: “I could have been negative or done what should be done in theory. But I followed my instinct. I did not. I thought never over the codes for the thing, about the picture I could give. I was me and I wanted to be with him. I think he did the same. We listened to each other and we were right. is sometimes so simple as that. When the little voice tells you go for it, you go for it, it sometimes gives beautiful love stories. “

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