Homeless man drags old sofa into trash can, turns pillow over, sees glittering jewelry inside

A homeless man becomes friends with an abandoned kitten, leading to him finding a fortune in jewelry in an old sofa in a trash can.

When Joseph Sullivan left his small town in Kansas and traveled to Los Angeles to earn his fortune, he had never imagined he would live on the streets and dig through restaurant trash cans for leftovers.

Joseph was determined to become a screenwriter, and he had three manuscripts in his luggage that he intended to use to find an agent. In his pocket he had $ 6,000 to get through the first few months, and in his heart there was an ambition driven by his love for Janice Yates.

Joseph’s kitten seemed to like this old sofa. | Source: Shutterstock.com

Joseph had been insanely in love with Janice since elementary school, where she was the girl with the pigtailed looking down on him. Fifteen years later, Janice still makes fun of Joseph, but for very different reasons.

They had been dating for three years when Joseph proposed to her, and her reaction broke her heart. Janice laughed and said coldly, “Come on, Joe, I can not marry a poor man!” We just had fun and that was it! You can not give me the life I’m used to. “

Actually. Janice was used to luxury. Her father was one of the richest men in the state, and nothing was too good for his only daughter. Janice certainly did not think Joseph was good enough for her.

When Joseph boarded the Greyhound for Los Angeles, his goal was to succeed, to become a great man in Hollywood, to prove that Janice was wrong, and to get her to ask him to take her back.

Joseph had been insanely in love with Janice since elementary school. | Source: Unsplash

Joseph spent the long hours of his journey in pleasant daydreams, but when he arrived in California, he found reality much less pleasant. He got out of the bus with the suitcase in his hand and looked around.

Accidents can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime.

There are what appear to be hundreds of thousands of people bothering and ignoring each other. Joseph did not know where to go, so he headed for a taxi that had stopped outside what looked like a dingy bar of the worst kind.

The driver leaned up against the car door and chewed on a toothpick. “Sorry,” Joseph said. “I just arrived in Los Angeles and I’m looking for a place to stay – somewhere central and not too expensive.”

“Of course, mate,” the man said with a big smile on his face. “Go in! I’ll take you to a nice and clean place!” Joseph therefore put his suitcase in the trunk and got into the taxi and put his life in the hands of a stranger.

“Come on, Joe, I can not marry a poor man!” she says. | Source: Unsplash

The next day, Joseph woke up in a gutter on Hollywood Boulevard without his suitcase and purse. He had been beaten hard and the clothes he was wearing were torn and dirty.

He had nothing, not a single penny. His manuscripts were gone, and he did not know anyone in Los Angeles to turn to. Police told him he had been robbed by a gypsy taxi driver, and although they took note of the complaint, they could only recommend a shelter where he could sleep.

That night, Joseph did not blink. There was no way he was going home as a loser, even though he could find enough money by begging to pay for the bus. He could not see Janice’s scorn in his eyes.

And so began the most difficult years of Joseph’s life. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get out of the street. No one wanted to give him a job, no one believed in him, no one cared about his life or death.

Joseph took a bus to Los Angeles to become a screenwriter. | Source: Unsplash

Then one day Joseph heard a pitiful sound, almost like a baby crying, and in the shadow of a trash can he found a trembling kitten. An impulse made him take the kitten and wrap it in his tattered coat.

“Poor animal!” he said. “You chose the wrong lifeguard! I can barely feed myself, how do I take care of you?”

That night, Joseph managed to find food for the kitten, and the kitten slept curled up on his stomach, under his coat, and woke up to hear his spider.

So the kitten stayed and after a while Joseph could not live without it, it lay on his shoulder and spun in his ear. One afternoon, as he was searching for items to rescue and sell in a prosperous part of town, a woman called to him.

The woman was standing in the driveway of a huge old mansion, and next to her was an artful old sofa. “You! Over there!” called the woman. “Do you want to win $ 5?”

Joseph was robbed and ended up living on the street. | Source: Unsplash

Joseph approached. “Of course,” he said. “I’m sure I could use the money!”

“Take that couch to the trash can, please,” the woman said. “And with a little luck, they’ll take it away with the trash!”

The woman gave Joseph the $ 5, and he dragged the heavy old sofa half the block to the trash can. When he got there, Joseph was so tired that he sat down on the couch with a sigh of relief.

The kitten immediately jumped up on the couch’s only remaining full pillow and began to grind his claws on it. Then he made a strange little twitter and stared at the pillow and bowed his head.

Joseph ended up rescuing a kitten. | Source: Unsplash

“What is it, cat?” asked Joseph, “did you find a mouse in there?” Curious, Joseph took the pillow and turned it over. On the back there was a large zipper and underneath Joseph felt something hard.

He opened the zipper and was surprised. There was a lot of sparkling jewelry in the pillow. Joseph immediately took his kitten and pillow and ran to the woman’s house.

He showed her the jewelry and the woman was left speechless. “That house belonged to one of the old movie stars. The couch was hers, so the jewelry must be too!”

The woman is amazed at Joseph’s honesty and she has decided to share the value of the jewelry with him. They turned out to be worth a lot of money, enough for Joseph to live in his own apartment.

Thanks to his cat, Joseph found jewelry in the old sofa. | Source: Unsplash

The woman’s husband was a film producer, and he was interested in Joseph’s ideas. Very soon Joseph saw his first manuscript approved and he was interviewed on television.

To his surprise, he gets a visit from his ex-girlfriend Janice, who is now very interested in him as he has money and a career in cinema. But it was Joseph who was no longer interested.

“I’m sorry Janice,” he said. “I have to tell you that I need more than a beautiful face, I need a kind and loving heart – and you do not have one!”

What can we learn from this story?

  • Accidents can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime. Joseph thought his dream was coming true, but he ended up living on the streets.
  • Luck turns out in the most unexpected way. In Joseph’s case, his kindness to the kitten gave him a huge reward.

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