“I was a vegetable” … Beliefs (confusing) of the star in Clem

Lucie Lucas, heroine of the success series Clem, talks about burnout, intimate wounds, depression and her children’s ailments. The young woman of just 36 years trusted Louise Aubery’s microphone for her podcast In Power …

She presents herself as one actress by profession”, But also as a young mother of three Lilou (born August 2010)Moira (born January 2012) and Milo (born in March 2018) – “associated with the Earth system, this gigantic organism that protects us and welcomes us. ” Lucia Lucasthe main name of the series Clem in a decade that we have seen grow up on the small screen, lives on an organic farm in Brittany. A way for her to reconnect with nature, live in line with her ideal. A quest that definitely helped him heal from his injuries, as she explains at the microphone in the In Power Podcast.

Lucie Lucas: “By being an actress, we give a lot, it weakens”

Burnout, the evil of the century. Asked about the one she experienced, the actress confides:We live in a crazy worldwhich does not make sense, so it makes sense“Being constantly disturbed by emails and text messages, being ultra-urged, hard to take time for yourself. Especially for a recognized actress.”It’s totally wild compared to the schedule. And as there is this uncertainty of not knowing what will come afterwards, we have tend to accept everything. “ Accept everything beyond what is acceptable, with the risk of giving yourself a little too much. Being an actor is fragilecontinues Lucie Lucas. It has bothered me a lot for years.

Lucie Lucas: “One day I started unlocking”

To the pressure she is under during her job comes joys and hardships associated with motherhood. A cocktail that gradually becomes explosive for the actress. “The discovery of motherhood, with the arrival of children in a couple, how we cope, how we stay together even more than before, how we do not hate each other ..“She goes through a roller coaster of emotions for a decade, until the day when nothing goes.”I started unlocking. I put my purse in the fridge. Adrien said to me “Can you make pasta for the kids?”, I stayed in front of the pot, I had no idea what to do.

Lucie Lucas loses his footing. I was completely confused, I felt like I had autonomy as a two-year-old. “ Terrible panic attacks, silence, the one who was a young mother at the time felt helpless. A period “super dark and very harsh”. Which could have had a tragic end.

Lucie Lucas: “I felt like I was drifting to the other end of the universe”

Moving and sincere, the young woman tells her journey towards the light at the end of the tunnel. She seeks help from her companion. “I really felt like I was drifting on the other side of the universe. And if no one picked me up, I could not come back.. “

Lucie surrounds herself with the love of her loved ones and takes some distance. “He took care of me, a lot. My agents understood that they had to stop calling me. I even lost my phone voluntarily for three months. (…) I was a vegetable.”

It’s in contact with his aquarium, rabbits in his gardenby adopting “a time in accordance with his own”which she explains to have re-established the connection to life as she developed yoga and meditation practice.

Lucie Lucas: “I tell my kids, screens are a drug”

In connection with nature, the actress has educational principles that she does not deviate from. Especially on the relationship to screens. “I tell my kids it’s a drug. From then on, it’s a tool that can really prevent you from connecting to reality and the living. But besides, it not only affects the kids, it affects us as well.”

The one who is easily described as a committed actress, world citizen, has made the pedagogy and awareness of the beauty of the world his struggle. “We’ve really disconnected from nature over the last fifty years. We don’t know it anymore. We see it things that are directly magicalbut we are no longer aware of it “says the young woman. “Children will not wonder at a tree leaf, but if we explain to them that ant there, under your feet, she has built an entire city, and that she is growing mushrooms (…) when we explain all this to them, it will be wonderful again. ”

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