INTERVIEW. Victoire and Samuel (Tomorrow belongs to us): friendship put to the test of love

For weeks, Samuel (Axel Kiener) has struggled and has not dared to admit his feelings for Victoire (Solène Hébert). Both come out of a breakup. The timing of starting a new story may be poorly chosen. But faced with the desire that grips them, they decide to embark on a risky bet … Watch on TF1 from Monday to Friday at 19.10.

Solène Hébert: “Victory becomes a temptation”

What consequences did her heart transplant have on Victoire?

SOLENE HEBERT: She messed her up. Her new heart no longer loved Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui), they parted ways. Another consequence of getting so close to death is a renewed vitality. Victoire needed to dive into something easy, teenage.

Was it a good idea to separate Georges and Victoire?

I know the public was attached to this couple, but it’s good to raise new questions. We had a lot of fun with Mayel Elhajaoui, and I think it’s great that the writers maintain a solid bond between them, made of tenderness and respect. I believe these two will always love each other, but differently.

For weeks, Samuel suppressed his feelings for Victoire. How does she look at him?

They have known each other for a long time. Samuel has always made jokes. So when he sends signals to her, she laughs at him. No doubt at first she would not understand because they were friends, because she had just come out of her breakup with Benjamin … And then came a time when she could no longer hide their face. . In the end, what created the click? He became more and more insistent with his allusions. She ended up asking questions. And it was this dinner that changed everything. He declared his love for her.

With Samuel’s sulphurous reputation, does Victoire have no qualms?

Yes ! It is also to test him that she throws him a bet that consists of remaining chaste for forty days.

Who breaks first?

Samuel will prove to be a very good student. He so needs to prove to her that he sincerely cares for her that he wants to be exemplary. He wants to reassure her. It’s Victoire who’s having a harder time. She wants to turn into a temptress and provoke him to make him crack.

It raises the question of friendship between a man and a woman …

Personally, I have often experienced it successfully. I have many male friends and that is no ambiguity. It may be less possible in DNA

How can the relationship between Samuel and Victoire develop?

It is not a fashion phenomenon. They both want it to work.

Which lover is Victoire?

She is a great lover, romantic, sensitive, honest, always fully into what she lives.

She told Benjamin (Matteo Gualandi) that she did not want a child, which hastened their breakup. Could she change her mind about Samuel?

I do not know, but I like the idea that Victoire defends this position, that she listens to herself, asserts herself as a woman without going through the maternity box, and that she frees herself from social pressure. •

Axel Kiener: “With Victoire, Samuel goes to the light”

Why did Samuel wait so long to declare his love for Victoire?

AXEL KIENER: When Victoire chose Benjamin, Samuel was ready to take the place of the frustrated loser. He even tried to patch them together as they parted. He pushed the friendly shooter far, but at some point, since the breakup was completed, he tried his luck anyway.

When did he realize he was in love with her?

I think it happened slowly. He was her confidant, he listened to her, she touched him literally and figuratively, and it triggered emotions far away from friendship. He first tried to suppress his desire. And when he felt jealous, he understood that he had moved on to another register with her.

How does their story unfold?

After confessing his feelings to her, she offers him a challenge: to hold forty days without touching. He thoroughly enters the game. He must prove himself, and prove to her that he can do it. But it may be that the effort is interrupted …

If Victoire had remained hermetic about his progress, would Samuel then have thrown himself back into his addiction?

No, he has changed. It is no longer the same. He would have taken a ride to relax. (laughs.)

And you, have you experienced any female disappointments?

me? But I’m a walking tear! I’ve had it all my life. I watched my friends go out with the girls I liked. It was super frustrating. I ended up being pretty unlucky in love, but it’s getting better. I took care of myself.

Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman?

It’s easier when ingested!

Has Samuel Chardeau definitely put his claws away?

The character has clearly evolved. He passed many stages that made him grow. Nor would he keep getting tall forever. With Victoire, Samuel goes to the light.

How will their exes, Alma (Camille de Pazzis) and Benjamin react?

They are not going to react the same way and that will be quite surprising.

How do you hope to see this new couple develop?

I hope it holds, but on DNA, we are never sure. You can switch from romantic comedy to drama with the snap of your fingers! But there I can feel that Samuel is asking Victoire for a little more commitment.

Until marriage?

No, but we will definitely be able to move on together. I hope so at least, because it is really very pleasant to work with Solène. •

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