Laura and Benoît (Love is in pre 2020) still as a couple a year after the balance: “We are gradually moving forward”

M6 viewers will find this evening Karine Le Marchand for one What have they become? of Love is in the meadow unpublished. The dating presenter heard from several couples from season 15, including what was formed by the sweet Laura, a 38-year-old cowboy, and Benoît. The couple now live together in a house they have rented since last winter. To Tele-Fritid, the couple confides a year after their meeting and talks about their plans for the future.

Tele-Loisirs: How are you?

Benedict : Everything is fine. We have been living together for a few months now, we continue to get to know each other daily and my move to the region went really well.

Laura : We found a house at Christmas time last year. First, I settled there on my own, and Benoît came back from Haute-Saône (where he comes from, editor’s note) and brought his own things back every time. We really moved in together in March and now we have our little routine. Benoît found a job as an agricultural warehouse. So we did things right and at our own pace, which suits us both perfectly.

“In life, you have to make choices to move forward”

It has always been important for you Laura to go gradually, is that also the case for you Benoît?

Benoit : We do not all move at the same speed (laughs). But in order to achieve our goal – to live happily together – we need to know how to adapt to each other. So it’s true that I may have a tendency to go faster than Laura, but I respect her pace.

Laura : We learned that communication was very important. But in the beginning, it was not won for any of them (laughs). But we really do things together. For the house when I was there, it was often me who visited, but I shared the pictures with Benoît and we really made our choices together. The same goes for the furniture, we went together to find the ones we liked and we gradually decorated, respected everyone’s tastes, and of course also planned a room for Benoit’s daughter.

Exactly how is your daughter Benoît doing?

Benedict: It goes very well. She understood the situation, we talked a lot about it together. Where it is more complicated is that she lives with her mother in Haute-Saône, about 700 kilometers from here. So I get to see her about once a month, she goes to my parents’ house and I meet her directly there. Sometimes my parents bring him here. I know that this situation will only last for a while, my daughter will also grow up (she is 11 years old today, editor’s note) and that things will definitely change. But hey, in life you have to make choices to move on.

And for you Laura, how’s the relationship with Benoit’s daughter going?

Laura: very good! She is super sweet, very open. The communication between her and me is going really well. Incidentally, it’s funny, because it was her who made me relax, because I was not necessarily comfortable with the kids. We both love animals, so it gives us something in common. But she adapts very easily, she has to get it from Benoît.

“We call once a week with the goatherd Eric”

Does it make you want to expand the family?

Laura : Of course we are thinking about what is planned. I admit that I was a little stubborn until then and that I would definitely get married first, to get things right if I may say so. But today we have changed our priorities a bit, especially as I get older (laughs).

So marriage is not for now?

Laura : Not immediately, but Benoît will not cut it! (laughs)

Benoit : I knew what to expect from the beginning with Laura, who was immediately very aware of her desire to get married (laughs). So we do, but at the moment it is not planned yet.

You’re closeGedehyrden Erikhow is he ?

Laura : He’s very well. We call each other at least once a week and see you in two weeks. We pick him up from him and go down to Florian and Lola. Eric has changed a lot since his time on the show, he has become aware of certain things. He is still single today, so I try to train him a little, but he has really developed, he takes e.g. more time to go out. She really is a beautiful person, quite far from the image he was able to project on TV.

“In November we are going to New York with Benoît, his daughter and his parents”

Are you going on holiday soon?

Laura : Benoît has no vacation because he has started his new job. In return, I have 4 weeks to take, so I give it up for fourteen days in September. And then in November we go to New York with Benoît, his daughter and his parents.

Laura, you’re French-British. So you have not been able to see your family since the entry into force of the health measures associated with Covid-19?

Laura: I have not actually seen my family since October 2019. Fortunately, my parents live in France near my home. But the rest of my family has still not met Benoît. We are both vaccinated, so hopefully we can leave at the end of August, where a family party is planned there. But nothing is certain. It’s a rather complicated situation …

Are you going to watch season 16 of Love is in the meadow (which begins on 30 August on the M6)?

Of course ! We followed the distribution of the portraits. We especially noticed Nathalie, who lives in the Loire-Atlantique, not very far from home. So we look forward to the next episodes!

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