“LCLM is a message of love and peace” (interview)

singer-songwriter, And Levis is a Congolese singer who develops between Rn’b, Aphrodite and Congolese rumba. He presents his new album with 18 titles LCLM (Love changes the world). A sincere album that brings balm to the heart during a period marked by the war in Ukraine. Surrounded by numerous artists, Ya Levis plays the card of atonement and still shows the extent of her talent. The whole Culture exchanged with the singer of Zoom.

All culture: What does this title “Love changes the world” mean to you?

Yes Levis: This title is a message of peace, of love. Love is the key to all things. It needed a title of the same name in the album. I wanted to convey a message of love in this song and put it at the end to finish the project. When listening to the album from start to finish, there are several themes and on each theme love always reigns. And this title “Love changes the world” completes the whole project.

It’s an album where you borrow several styles from Rn’b to Afro Zouk passing through Congolese rumba. Do you define yourself as an unclassifiable artist?

Yes it is ! I am a universal artist. I show the public that I know everything. I’m very open. I have always wanted to practice more music styles. I can walk in all terrain. In other words, I’m just making music! (laughter).

What was the feedback on the first clips of the album?

The public was amazed at my shift in style and universe. But it was generally received quite well. I’m pretty happy.

You have surrounded yourself with artists from different and varied horizons such as London artist Yxng Bane, Zaho, Jok’air or Congolese singer Koffi Olomidé without forgetting rapper Alonzo. How did you approach them?

I had met Yxng Bane two or three years ago. We had talked a lot so far. I said to him: “I really want to invite you to a project”. He accepted. He is a very humble person, very pop. It was done out of emotion. He left London to come to Paris. And there we recorded the song “Candy shop”. Same for Jok’Air. I wanted a piece that sounded a little radio without neglecting the ideas of my manager or my producer. It was he who suggested Jok’Air to me. I found out we had the same delirium, the same style of dress. He is very talented. I really like what he does. Zaho, I had met him four or five years ago. She really liked what I was doing. I took his number and I said to myself that we would make a number one of these 4. I am very happy with the result of the album. As for Koffi Olomidé, I have good contacts with one of his little brothers. And then we recorded the song in Paris. It’s a piece I love to death!

“I want to be a planetary artist and be as famous as Michael Jackson” (Ya Levis)

Basically, is this album a way for you to conquer a new audience?

Exactly. Specifically, I want to be a global artist and be as famous as Michael Jackson! I want my music to cross all boundaries.

On a more personal note, your parents are gone. What do you think they would have thought about your career?

My parents in their lifetime supported me a lot. My mother was my first fan. Even though my mom after my dad’s death knew I wanted to break into music, it’s true that she initially wanted me to concentrate more on school. But in the end, she supported me 1000%. During my first time in Kinshasa, I invited her on stage. Music is more than a passion. It’s the only way to express myself, and that’s what I like to do. It is a legacy that my father also left me. What my father failed to accomplish, I must accomplish and so on. It’s a mission we have in my family. And I know it will be like that from generation to generation. At least I feel that from there, my parents are very proud of me. If it works for me, it’s largely thanks to my parents.

What are your next projects?

I’m preparing for a couple of concerts and I can not wait to go on a world tour with this album. As I said, it will be a message of love and peace so that the world will be better. This is my first goal. In any case, I have many dates, but it is still under negotiation. I especially hope that with what happens, especially in Ukraine, this album will bring something good.

Photos: Omax6mum Agency

Yes, Levis, LCLM (Love changes the world)=1. Intro, 2. Backtrack, 3. Are you ready, 4. Unblock me, 5. Candy shop (feat Yxng Bane), 6. All day, 7. Baby Boy, 8. Machine, 9. Airplane mode (feat Jok ) ‘Air), 10. Yuma, 11. A piece of us (feat Zaho), 12. Jealous, 13. Forgive me, 14. Take off, 15. (feat Alonzo) Love, 16. Motema, 17. Vala Matondo , 18. Love changes the world.

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