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So we dance, Pourris gâtés, Les Fantasmes … All these French comedies are remakes of successful films in their respective countries, but never released in France (or very discreetly). Review of 10 of them.


Les Fantasmes, Pourris gâtés, Irréductible, So we dance … there are many French comedies adapted from foreign films that are little known in our region. Here are 10 recent examples.

So We Dance by Michèle Laroque (2022)

What is it about ? Sandra is determined to take control of her life after discovering her husband’s infidelity and seeks refuge with her sister Danie. Opposite each other, they are around their shared passion: dancing. With the nickel-plated feet of choreography Lucien and Roberto, her sister’s friends, Sandra finally finds the freedom and touch of madness that her life lacked. A new life begins: because we all have the right to another dance!

What movie is it based on? Then we dance is an adaptation of the British feature film Finding Your Feet by Richard Loncraine.

The trailer for So We Dance:

The Rat Pampered by Nicolas Cuche (2021)

What is it about ? Lazy, whimsical party animals, businessman Francis Bartek’s three children do nothing with their lives except spend their father’s hard-earned money. Tired of their behavior, he makes them think they are totally ruined, thus forcing them to do the unthinkable: work!

What movie is it based on? The pampered is the very loose adaptation of the Mexican hit film Nosotros los Nobles by Gaz Alazraki, in which a father decides to teach his children a lesson that will ultimately backfire.

The theme seduced me first because I have three children, but also because it raises current issues regarding transmissionexplains Nicolas Cuche. How do you give a taste for effort and work to young people who, perhaps thanks to their parents, have an easier life? How to meet the temptations of brands, fashion, over-consumption? It struck me as a fun and relevant way that pushed the comedy slide far and wide, to deal with issues that many parents may face to varying degrees of course. “

The spoiled rotten trailer:

The Fantasies of Stéphane and David Foenkinos (2021)

What is it about ? Faced with their fantasies, six couples try to explore the hidden sides of their intimate lives. Six questions about access to pleasure. From role-playing to abstinence, via exhibition, six separate stories with the same question about desire today in the center. His own, but also the other’s …

What movie is it based on? Fantasies is a free adaptation of an Australian film If you love me … by Josh Lawson, released in 2015 live on VOD in France, and whose title in the original version is The Little Death (La petite mort).

The Fantasies trailer:

Irreducible by Jérôme Commandeur (2022)

What is it about ? Vincent Peltier, peaceful employee at “Eaux et Forets” in Limoges, is being urged to resign due to a staff review he wants the least in the world. An overzealous inspector decides to transfer him to the worst places in the world to force him to give up. She therefore sends him to Greenland to protect the scientists of a scientific base from bear attacks. We let you imagine the rest …

What movie is it based on? Irreducible is the remake of the Italian film Quo Vado? by Gennaro Nunziante. When it was released in 2016, the film achieved the feat of beating Star Wars VII in the Italian box office, attracting 9 million viewers and raising more than $ 68 million in Italy. For the record, Fabien Onteniente (Camping) had originally been contacted to direct the remake of this film.

The Irreducible trailer:

10 days without a mother by Ludovic Bernard (2020)

What is it about ? Antoine, HRD of a major do-it-yourself brand, is becoming number 1 in his box. This is the moment his wife, Isabelle, chooses to take a break and get some fresh air for a few days to take care of her. Antoine is then alone in having to manage the house and their four children. He is quickly overtaken by events! 10 days without a mother, which may well derail his appointment.

What movie is it based on? 10 Days Without Mom is adapted from the Argentine film Mamá se fue de viaje (2017) by Ariel Winograd, not released in cinemas in France. A French sequel is planned for this remake titled 10 Days Again Without Mom. Its release is already dated April 12, 2023.

The trailer for 10 days without a mother:

The Game by Fred Cavayé (2018)

What is it about ? Over dinner, couples of friends decide to play a “game”: everyone has to put their mobile phone in the middle of the table and every SMS, phone call, email, Facebook message, etc. has to be shared with others. It will not be long before this “game” turns into a nightmare.

What movie is it based on? Fifth production of Fred Cavayé (For Her, Radin!), The Game is a remake of Perfetti Sconosciuti (literally “perfect strangers”), an Italian comedy-drama released in early 2016 and already adapted in 2017 by Álex de la Iglesia. Fred Cavayé changed certain characters, such as their profession and their reactions to calls or phone messages. He also changed a few other elements to make the film believable in the French context.

Game trailer:

Dropped by Eloise Lang (2018)

What is it about ? Rose and Alice are two very different sisters. Rose is free and rock n ‘roll. Alice is neat and responsible. They do not agree on anything but the urgency of encouraging Françoise, their mother, whom their father recently dumped for a much younger woman. The mission they have given themselves is simple “red mother” and the framework for operations well-defined: a holiday club on Réunion Island …

What movie is it based on? Dumpet is an adaptation of the Danish film All Inclusive by Hella Joof. For her first solo feature film, Eloïse Lang has therefore chosen to embark on a remake. It was actually the idea of ​​staging a mother / daughter trio that stimulated the filmmaker. “I have two sisters, we are very different and all three are extremely close to our mother. When I was training in screenwriting, one of the sayings was “write what you know”. The difficulty of growing old when you are a woman (and of any age), of finding your place in a family, of taking on your life choices, all that is a lived experience!«, She confides.

The Dropped trailer:

Just a gigolo by Olivier Baroux (2019)

What is it about ? How to live happily and richly without working? To be a gigolo. But after 25 years of living with Denise, the “gigolo” Alex is fired without notice and is on the streets. Forced to move in with his sister and her 10-year-old nephew, he has only one obsession: to find a rich heir as soon as possible.

What movie is it based on? Just a gigolo is the remake of an American film that went almost unnoticed in France, How To Be A Latin Lover, starring Salma Hayek and Kristen Bell.

The trailer for Just a gigolo:

A Man Worthy of Laurent Tirard (2016)

What is it about ? Diana is a beautiful woman. A very beautiful woman. An ingenious lawyer, she has a sense of humor and a strong personality. And since she has just put an end to a marriage that did not make her happy, here she is finally free to meet the man of her life. The chance does not exist, Diane receives a phone call from a certain Alexandre who has found the cell phone she had lost. Very quickly, something happens during this phone call. Alexandre is polite, funny, visibly cultured … Diane is charming. An agreement is quickly established. But the meeting does not go as planned at all …

What movie is it based on? A Man Up to the Height is a remake of the 2014 Argentine film Corazón de León directed by Marcos Carnevale, which has not been released in France. Instead of Jean Dujardin, we found Guillermo Francella, seen in El Clan or in the Oscar-winning Argentine thriller In His Eyes.

The trailer for A Man to the Height:

Fonzy by Isabelle Doval (2013)

What is it about ? Fonzy, the pseudonym under which Diego Costa repeatedly supplied semen 20 years ago as part of a research protocol. Today, at the age of 42, he spends time in the family’s fishmonger’s and lives as an irresponsible and bubbly teenager. While his buddy Elsa tells him she’s pregnant, his past reappears. Diego discovers that he is the parent of 533 children, 142 of whom would like to know who Fonzy is …

What movie is it based on? Fonzy is an adaptation of the Quebec movie Starbuck released in 2011. In the latter, director Ken Scott tells the story of David Wozniack alias Starbuck, who discovers as a 42-year-old that he is the father of 533 children. Winner of 3 Genies (Césars in Canada), the film was selected for the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Fonzy trailer:

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