Love is in the meadow: surprise couples, love stories and breaks at the time of balance

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The latest episode of “Love Is in the Meadow” revealed the love status of the season’s last six farmers. With its share of surprises in store.

Curtain on “Love is in the meadow”! The very last episode of season 16 of the M6-speed dating show, which aired last night, made it possible to find the peasants several months after the filming to take stock of their romantic situation.

Last week, the report revealed that Hervé and Stéphanie are still together and want to have a baby soon, that Jean-François l’Ariégeois is still in a relationship with Mélanie, that Vincent le Vigneron still sees Marie-Jeanne, that Delphine the Tarn- et-Garonnaise broke up with Ghislaine, and that Franck found Cécile. A short-lived joy since Karine Le Marchand announced on Monday night that the lumberjack from Charente and his girlfriend had parted ways after the balance.

If no official explanation has been given, Franck posted a poem to Cécile on his Instagram account late in the evening.

Vincent le Provençal: a new couple

Vincent, the horse breeder, a newly divorced 40-year-old Provencal, who had chosen Natacha over Hafsa at the end of his stay on the farm, had finally left the beautiful 27-year-old Béarnaise. “She is a girl who has many qualities, she is very sweet, she is adorable,” Vincent repeated Monday night to Karine Le Marchand. But he did not see himself living together in the long run.

To the balance, Vincent arrived with his new companion. Julie, a 33-year-old Basque who works in wealth management. When she saw that Vincent was on holiday off the Basque coast, she wrote to him on Instagram. The feeling is gone. Justine met Vincent’s children and their mother. Eventually, she plans to move in with Vincent.

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Internet users did not ask to criticize Vincent’s choice.

“Girls, you have the ability to make movies! nah, but Vincent really does not doubt anything in bad faith? \ ud83d \ ude1d #adp # adp21

– Gaelle (@BlissGayle) November 29, 2021

Nathalie: cropped by Karine Le Marchand

Nathalie, the calf breeder under the Loire-Atlantique mother, constantly dressed in pink, had approached Stéphane, a paramedic from Toulouse in the last section. “He was too soft,” Nathalie explained. “He actually did not suit me, he did not spread his life out, he wanted to take his time.” As for the other candidate invited to her farm, the railway worker Bruno, he was “too nervous” for her.

As a previously abused wife for many years, Nathalie has a hard time trusting men again. “I was fine, but I did not feel like I was stuck,” she explained to Karine Le Marchand. “I have a shell and to break it, it’s hard.”

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The host reformulated the candidate. “You are not kind, you have to take courses in kindness, you are fart”. Nathalie agrees: “I’m raw apple, I’m natural, but it’s not bad”. Karine Le Marchand continued: “What kind of a man should live with a woman who wants to talk to him like that? Sit down instead of the one who comes! As soon as a man raises the flag, you take out of Kalashnikov , and you’re going to smash it. ” Words that brought a few tears to Nathalie’s cheeks.

Paulette, Switzerland: she found her ex-husband!

If Paulette, the donkey breeder in Switzerland, came to the balance alone, she is not for everyone who is single. She’s in love with her … ex-husband! The couple had divorced because this man, Jean-Paul, did not get along with Paulette’s children. For 17 years, they lost sight of each other. When he saw the broadcast, Jean-Paul resumed the connection. He invited her to the restaurant where they had been married thirty years before. “I’m very much in love,” Paulette says. From her stay on the farm, she announced that nothing had ever happened to Dan, one of the two suitors.

Sébastien l’Ardéchois: everything is going well with Karine (except her back)

Sébastien, the lavender grower and cattle breeder from Ardèche, had invited two karines to the farm. He preferred the brunette, a Parisian. To begin with, he was reluctant with Karin’s ability to move from a life in Paris to the tranquility of the Ardèche, and Sébastien was quickly reassured by the character of his beauty. “She caught my eye,” he says longingly. Karine was confident after the speed dating.

A few days after the filming, Sébastien had a serious quad accident. He had to sleep with the cross and severe back pain, in a wheelchair. He still has back pain today.

“We are the same, we do not take the lead, we are cool, so it’s easy,” Karine sums up at the time of the balance. The young woman has just spent three weeks with Sébastien to get to know each other better on a daily basis, and she has to apply for a job as a sales assistant in Ardèche.

Valentin the shy: he smiles and he is in love

Seducing Valentin, a producer of edible flowers from Brittany, had been a daunting task for the candidates. A Viking physique, no smile, long silences … The Breton farmer finally chose Charley, a young dentist from the Tours region.

“He’s very handsome, he does not realize it, he has a crazy charm, you are a rock, you are super reassuring and your little Viking charm, I love it,” Charley said tenderly to Valentin Monday night. After becoming more smiling, Valentin explains: “We do not need to talk to understand each other”. And he smiles more: “Thanks to her I am more open, I asserted myself”.

Today, the two dwarf parrots live 3 hours apart. Charley, who has just set up his activity as a dentist, does not want to leave Touraine right away. No wedding or baby on the program but the desire to enjoy it together. “I like to have deficiencies now and then,” Charley says.

I would not have bet a copek on her story for Valentin \ ud83d \ ude33 I can not believe they are still together # adp2021 # ADP21 @ M6

– Calypso Gotan \ u26f1 \ ufe0f (@CalypsoGotan) November 29, 2021

Jean-Daniel, Swiss: “spor”

Jean-Daniel, the Swiss cattle breeder and winemaker, appeared with a new look and a small beard hailed by Karine Le Marchand. The Swiss, who had 12 years of celibacy and 4 years of abstinence, came alone on the balance sheet. With Céline, one of the two candidates, he explains: “We could not share life in the same way”. For Zakia, the other challenger: “I realized very quickly that it would not do, incompatibility of mood”. Jean-Daniel has not had a love affair since the filming, but he has “leads”.

Who will be the next candidates?

There will be a next season of “Love is in the eng”. Season 17 portraits are released in January or February to allow farmers to seduce from a distance and get mail. Karine Le Marchand started filming the portraits last week. She revealed the first names in a story on Instagram. There were three women (Emmanuelle, Noémie and Nadège) and five men (Jean-Paul, Alain, Guillaume, Thierry and Alexandre).

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