Love is in the meadow: the fun way of new farmers

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The first portraits of the peasants in the new season of “Love is in the Meadow” were aired Monday night on the M6.

They have nine men and four women looking for love. Thirteen farmers decided to fight the loneliness that gnaws at them and that they can no longer endure. The first seven portraits were released on Monday night M6 – the others will be next Monday – to give viewers who have fallen under the spell the opportunity to write to them. No candidate is from Occitania this year.

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Noémie looks at a man’s shoes

Noémie breeds about fifty Charolais cows in Burgundy-Franche-Conté. She comes from a family of farmers, short-term nurse, and she is 25 years old. Harassed for three years in college because of her overweight – a still painful memory – she is sociable, shy and lacks confidence. Her love life has been “a nothingness” for four years. She had four love stories: She was cheated every time. The young farmer plays rugby. Noémie is looking for a tall, robust man. What is the first thing she looks for in a man? His shoes. “It says it all” about a man, she believes.

Jean eats cold ravioli so as not to do the dishes

Jean, 58, is a cattle breeder in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes. He comes from a family of farmers and has been single since 2020. His three children stand on their own two feet. He had two long love stories of twenty-ten years. His diet is no longer really balanced: chips, pizzas, cola, Pepito, ice cream and few or no vegetables … He can eat ravioli hot or cold, because that means he does not have to do the dishes! Jean is looking for a woman a few years younger, with long hair, kind and comfortable. A few tattoos or piercings do not bother him. Since the recordings, Jean has had his teeth redone.

Sébastien visits all the grandmothers in the village

In the opinion of many internet users, Sébastien is a handsome boy! As a 35-year-old, he breeds 200 black pigs and produces chestnuts in his small Corsican village. Former medical student or do-it-yourself salesman settled down five years ago. He visits his 95-year-old grandmother four times a day! Sébastien also visits the grandmothers in his Corsican village, who appreciate his visit. Single for two years, this shy man had an amazing story for four years. He is looking for a woman his age, “not a little sheep”, with long hair and he wants two or three children.

Alain is passionate about cows

Alain, 58, is from Auvergne Rhône Alpes. He raises suckling calves, sheep and poultry. A former butcher in mass distribution, he set up as a farmer 30 years ago to take advantage of his two children. He is passionate about cows and has a hard time sending them to the slaughterhouse. On a daily basis, he works with his 26-year-old son. In 2008, Alain suffered a major fire and had to start from scratch. An always painful moment that touched internet users. In 2007, Alain came out. He does not have too many criteria, he is looking for a man who is not too thin, “someone who loves life”, independent, funny and balanced.

A real father hen … Who raised his children, his coming out … What a journey, what strength after all he has been through \ ud83d \ udc4f \ ud83d \ udc4f \ ud83d \ udcaa \ ud83d \ udcaa. ..Sacred character …#ADP # ADP2022

– \ u2764Sam Lecasse \ u2764? \ u2666 \ ufe0f (@Samlereturn) February 14, 2022

Jean-Paul is back in a relationship with his wife after 12 years of separation

Jean-Paul, 70, from Grand-Est is looking for love just like his 41-year-old daughter. Father and daughter are winemakers and looking for love at the same time on the show, a great first time. Jean-Paul lost his wife to cancer ten years ago. He said the couple separated six years after the birth of their only daughter. With his wife, they reunited twelve years later. Jean-Paul has been a winemaker for 27 years, he has previously worked in real estate. He has no physical criterion, but is looking for “inner beauty”, a dynamic and fighter woman.

The other candidates

Agnès, 56, is the first master brewer of “Love is in the meadow” in 17 years of broadcasts. Divorced for eight years, she still works with her ex-husband, with whom she had three children. At the same time, she runs a bar in her village to recreate social ties. For Agnès, it’s not about being alone! Single for two years, this ball of energy wants to consume life together. She is looking for a tall, smiling, jovial and communicative man. And “a little belly” does not bother her.

Guillaume du Limousin, 28, breeds Limousin cows and 17,000 Label Rouge chickens. He took over the family farm and created a Gaec with his parents in 2013. He suffered a severe stroke at the age of 15 but has no after-effects. This “good friend” who looks like a “teddy bear” is too shy to flirt. He plays rugby as a basic pill three times a week. He is looking for a kind, cute and caring woman.

If the portrait of one of these farmers attracts you, you should write a letter with recent photos to: L’amour est dans le pré, TSA 21234, 75070 Paris Cedex 02, or send an email, photos or even a video to 6play.

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