Manga Review Midnight Secretary # 2 by MassLunar

Boring secretary

Volume 2 of this beautiful reissue of the amazing-romantic series, ie Midnight Secretary.

As a reminder, we follow Kaya’s funny misfortunes, a young secretary, a real workaholic, who one fine evening discovers that her new boss, the arrogant Kyôhei Tohma, is a vampire. Like any self-respecting goth-manga vampire, Tohma is a rude seducer who collects conquests just to drink some blood. Nothing dramatic, just a few drops during sex. While his secretary discovers his true nature, Kyôhei drips the blood of his secretary, which he considers special and of a higher quality.

Because she’s in love (and a little naive to be extra polite), Kaya ends up becoming the midnight secretary of her infamous boss, helping him arrange his dates while she gives him some of her blood.

The first volume of Mindight Secretary was quite successful, we discover a duo of interesting characters in a somewhat erotic, slightly classy atmosphere … Although I personally am far from a diligent reader of Josei manga, I found the introduction of Midnight Secretary attractive with a heroine who gains a bit of self-confidence as her relationship with her boss develops.

Unfortunately, once the designer has taken her cards out, she grills them completely in this volume 2, which completely freezes the plot to leave a fantasy romance completely empty.

In fact, the only pleasure of the mangaka Tomu Ohmi is a priori to multiply more the eroticism of this volume, while only taking care of the broaching and hairstyle of these protagonists and this without taking into account the antipathy they arouse. . The mangaka prefers to fantasize and get his readers to fantasize mainly through the small passages of dominance and submission between Kaya and her boss. Thus, this volume will above all be read for its slightly erotic qualities and the aura of suspense that surrounds this couple.

The plot, in turn, simply multiplies mindless twists like Kaya who changes company but who comes back, or even Kyôhei who resigns but who also comes back! Kaya who doubts, but Kaya who still loves! Kyôhei who is always so dark and always so stupid towards Kaya! In short, ironically, we get bored, there is simply no plot, and the characters become unbearable.

So Kaya, who seems to be asserting herself at the end of the previous volume, simply becomes an object or a pet that comes back every night to feed Kyôhei while she keeps a secretarial job done during the day. Admittedly, she’s a prisoner of her attraction to her vampire boss, but her docility is enough to make you tense. The vampire on his side appears as a whimsical, brutal and outright selfish kid who treats Kaya as his sexual servant. That is clearly the idea.

Moreover, we are talking about “vampire”, but this little touch of imagination is nothing but an ornament intended to justify nocturnal encounters. This volume proves that this series could just as well have dispensed with the vampire imprint to stay in the familiar terrain of dominance fantasies already conveyed by titles such as 50 shades of gray Where 365 days … The theme of the vampire is useless and ultimately remains treated superficially.

As usual, Tomu Ohmi’s style is fully focused on his characters, which necessarily stand out against a virtual absence of scenery. The Chara design will easily seduce lovers of enticing and seductive shojos, but it’s unfortunate that it does no more than that to stand out from the level of the other characters, who all have the same stiff and broad-shouldered look. In the end, there is nothing that stands out in this second volume that makes the series go back a bit despite an interesting first double volume.

It’s a shame, even if it was a little predictable. This volume 2 of Midnight Secretary exposes a slightly spicy, but above all rather empty romance.

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