Nadège (Love is in the Meadow) reveals her complexes, Karine Le Marchand shocked!

While the new season of I‘Love is in the meadow making a comeback on the M6, viewers are gradually discovering the new candidates. During the broadcast of the portraits, fans of the show were able to meet Nadège, a young woman who was particularly uncomfortable with herself. Object invites you to discover more about this farmer who is desperate to meet the ideal man.

Love is in the meadow: a captivating breeder, but full of complexes …

Here we go again !

While the program again had great success last year, Karine Le Marchand and her team are back for a new season with Love is in the meadow. A program where they are therefore still very many to hope to find the partner ideal to share their existence. Among these are especially Alain, Noémie, Sébastien, Jean, Agnès, Guillaume du Limousin and Agnès. A list to be added, Alexandre, Nadège, Guillaume l’Auvergnat, Thierry, Emmanuelle and Alain Le Breton, is appeared for the first time on screen on Monday, February 21st.

In this cast of Love is in the meadow, some attendees have already caught the viewers ’attention. In fact, Alexandre, a 36-year-old farmer from Normandy, moved the audience with the story of his complicated life. A young man who unfortunately had to deal with the deaths of many loved ones and other problems of all kinds. However, this dairy farmer is also a real fighter and an entertainer. For him today, it is important to find the rare gem that makes his heart beat again. Moreover, he seems to have real self-confidence, believing that his physique could have the gift of touching his suitors. A situation very different from Nadèges. Object tell you more.

Nadège: Evil in his skin

In fact, during the last broadcast of Love East in the grazingKarine Le Marchand introduced us to Nadège. This is a young woman of 30 years, inseminator horses in Brittany. Extremely flirtatious, the candidate takes care of himself and always appears in his best light. But despite her best efforts, she obviously has a big problem with her own image. Despite a very satisfying professional life with horses in terms of romantic relationships, she has quite a few problems. Another way of saying that she does not have a very good picture of herself.

Moreover, Nadège has not known of many relationships since a first unhappy experience as an 18-year-old. With the exception of a few adventures, it seems that no man has really been successful in bringing her happiness. Worse yet, the participant of Love is in the meadow do not consider themselves “very beautiful” and finds that his body “Not very interesting”. A slightly flattering description that made the host react: “What is this awful phrase”. In fact, it seems that Nadège really suffers from a multitude of complexes, especially in relation to her stomach and her thighs: “When I look at myself in the mirror, I do not think I’m pretty. I find myself very strong, since always “.

Nadège: A visceral fear

Faced with this situation, Nadège has many problems projecting herself into a relationship. In this latest section of Love is in the meadowshe admitted that she feared the judgment of others and more specifically the one that could happen in her life: “I’m afraid of falling in love with Google because I feel like I’ve never been loved by a man. To,
vs‘is hard “. However, it seems to him that the time today has come to gather his courage and meet his deepest fears. The reason she expects a lot from the show to help her finally find a credible companion.

With this in mind, the candidate can Love is in the meadow have already planned everything. She has built her house, where she hopes to be able to welcome a loving man who gets the same project as her: namely to have children and start a beautiful and large family. She would also be ready to accept a partner who is already a father. However, he will have to solve the idea of ​​having another baby. As for the latter’s personality, she’s looking for someone protective, jovialnice and fun. It must also be under 40 years old and quite robust: “I like comfortable men”. It is therefore left to hope that Karine Le Marchand can find the shoe that suits her!

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