Nicolas (Love is in the meadow) is the victim of a terrible accident, these scary details …

Nicolas and Ludivine lead a family of three children. Farmers, they struggle to ensure that their children can flourish and lack nothing. And fans of Love is in the meadow know, it’s not always easy. While a new season of the program will soon start on the M6, it is therefore a former candidate who is talking about him online. . Nicolas and Ludivine met in season 8 of the program, which hosted Karine Le Marchand. Who knows, maybe the facilitator will also be able to help the farmer? For since September 21, Nicolas has been living a true hell.

Victim of a work accident, Ludivine’s fiancé lost a piece of lip and no less than seven teeth. Unfortunately still at a time when Object writes this article, Nicolas is unable to pay the estimate, which is intended to restore his teeth. His fiancé is struggling with insurance and legal services to get the bill taken care of. But hard to know if the couple will succeed. Meanwhile, she gets offended and gives the scary details about Nicolas’ accident on Instagram.

Nicolas and Ludivine, inseparable despite adversity

Hand in hand, for better or worse, this couple faces the atrocities of life. But some events are less easy to overcome than others. Nicolas and Ludivine nevertheless stay the course, aware that one must also know how to concentrate on the positive. Unfortunately, the former candidate is off Love is in the meadow seems to have been getting harder and harder to maintain his optimism since his work accident …

As Ludivine explained on social networks, Nicolas “received a kick
of cow in the jaw ». He was trying to remove the bucket from one of his cows as the shot went off. The result of the races he lost consciousness and had a mouth full of blood. Nicolas’ fiancé then quickly put their three children in a shelter and entrusted them to his in-laws. Then she quickly drove Nicolas to the emergency room. Object reminds you that at the time of the facts we were 21 September 2021.

“Nicolas has 7 fewer teeth, there were 2 in the puck. Fractures, bruises. The lip where a piece is missing. Today there is not much chewing gum left, you have to understand that we can not put the teeth we want, nor ceramic. He has fewer roots and fewer bones. The estimate is very high, here are the consequences of the work accident. »she explained.

A clarification between discouragement and anger

Much later, on February 27, 2022, Ludivine spoke again to tell in more detail about her future husband’s work accident. Because Nicolas is still suffering from the consequences of this terrible event. As the insurance companies pass the buck to avoid taking over the file of the previous candidate of Love is in the meadow.

“What is happening today is that no one wants to reimburse dental expenses, knowing that they are very high. », detailed Ludivine angry. Powerless in the face of Nicolas’ growing despair, she tries everything by revealing this case on social networks. Object can only hope that his cry for help is heard and that the former candidate of Love is in the meadow can finally get treatment. “Since then, Nicolas has had a very bad stomach because he can not chew his food properly. (…) It gets bigger because the food is not digested. And he no longer has morals. When he talks to people, he instinctively puts his hand over his mouth. He no longer smiles. »detailed Ludivine.

It must be understood that Nicolas’ fiancé only wants to be able to allow the father of her children to smile again. And above all, that he feels supported in this ordeal. Knowing how to suffer like this since last September is more and more intolerable for this mother. So she let internet users know that she had also contacted legal services to speed up the process. Finally, she ended her message by saying that she will provide news about Nicolas and the management of his file to their subscribers.

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