Pamela Smart, the criminal who convinced her 15-year-old lover to kill her husband

Justice has rejected Pamela Smart’s request to change her life sentence. The American was convicted in 1991 of the murder of her husband.

Pamela Smart will not see her imprisonment get any easier. This week, a council in New Hampshire in the United States rejected the request of his lawyers, who wanted his sentence changed. The Board of Directors voted unanimously against this request. In 1991, Pamela Smart, now 54, was convicted of murdering her husband. She had convinced her lover, who was only 15 years old – when she was 22 – to kill her husband along with two other teenagers and to pass on the crime when a burglary went wrong. “My actions and my terrible judgment … I offer no apology for my behavior 31 years ago and I take responsibility for all the pain that has resulted. It’s a burden I will carry for the rest of my life, She wrote in her request for leniency, according to

In 2015, the teenager had been sentenced to 28 years in prison for murder on his part obtained his release on parole. William ‘Billy’ Flynn was a student at the high school where Pamela Smart worked. At the time of his trial, the prosecutor believed he had been manipulated by Pamela Smart, then 22 years old. The attractive young woman with brown hair worked at Winnicunnet High School, where the teenager was educated. With the responsibility of a program to help students get to know themselves better, she had seduced the one who was only 15 years old.

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William ‘Billy’ Flynn during the trial.

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Quickly, the two had started an affair. And soon Pamela had mentioned the case of her husband to her very young lover. She would have explained to him that she could not be separated from the 24-year-old man because she risked losing everything (the house, the dog and her personal belongings). The only solution she would have assured him was that he died. Fascinated by this enchanting beauty, in love, William had decided to obey her. And on the 1steh In May 1990, he and one of his friends, Patrick Randall, entered the smart home with the desire to finish it. While Patrick Randall threatened him with a knife to the throat, he shot him in the head. They then fled with a third friend, who was waiting for them in a car outside. Patrick Randall, who has also been sentenced to 28 years in prison, was released on parole in April 2015. During his trial, William ‘Billy’ Flynn explained that he was threatened by Pamela Smart.

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“If you’re telling the fucking truth, you’re sending me behind bars”

During her trial, Pamela Smart denied having planned the murder. But one witness changed everything. While working together, Pamela confided in Cecelia Pierce and explained to her that she was in love with William. Very close to each other, the two women often spent evenings together watching movies. William, nicknamed Billy, was also the most frequently invited. During the trial, she remembered that one night she had found the two girlfriends on the ground and made love. According to police reports, Pamela told Cecelia Pierce every day how her husband’s murder would unfold. Cecilia had then decided to record the conversations between the two girlfriends when she felt a drama was about to happen. “If you tell the damn truth, you’ll send me behind bars for the rest of my fucking life,” we could especially hear Pamela say.

Following the release of William ‘Billy’ Flynn, Pamela Smart had shared her anger through her lawyers, explaining that she no longer saw payment for Billy’s “crime”. “Again, he used the same technique, pretending to be a victim of Pamela Smart and blaming her for actions he himself committed. By playing the innocent victim, he managed to make people cry. But Flynn was a murderous “teenager, a liar and a manipulator. Pamela is his victim and it is not the other way around. (…) Justice has decided to release this killer who confessed while Pamela Smart pays for a conviction that should be his”, had launched its defenders.This murder has never ceased to fascinate Americans.A novel, a television movie and a movie – “Ready for Anything”, starring Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix – was especially released in the 1990s.

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