Parents of young man killed by girlfriend’s father ‘horrified’ after trial

The trial of Muhittin Ulug for murder was due to open on Thursday before the Assize Court of Oise. Due to a conflict of interest between lawyers, the hearing was adjourned. The victim’s family is “disappointed”.

The hearing will not even have opened. The trial of Muhittin Ulug for the murder of her daughter’s boyfriend in July 2014, which was due to open on Thursday morning before the Oise Assize Court, has been postponed to a later date. This is a conflict of interest between defense lawyers and one of the civil parties.

“It’s a real failure,” laments Me Justine Devred, a lawyer for the victim’s family, along with

30 stab wounds

On July 24, 2014, the body of Julien Videlaine, a 19-year-old military cadet, was discovered stabbed in the Muhittin Ulug pavilion. The victim had been dating this 44-year-old French Kurd’s daughter for more than a year and a half. The two lovers met in high school, quickly fell in love. The family of the young woman, who is very attached to her Kurdish origins, looks faintly at this relationship while her father tries to marry her off to a man from his community.

On the night of the tragedy, the girl’s mother and brothers and sisters are absent. His father is at work. The young couple takes advantage of the empty house to spend an evening together. Muhittin Ulug comes home early to find her daughter in the shower with her boyfriend in the bathroom upstairs.

Equipped at the time with a kitchen knife with a 20 cm blade, the father of the family goes after the young man. The autopsy will reveal 30 stab wounds, seven of them in the chest. The girl is also injured in the right hand while trying to intervene.

Will then begin a long race for Muhittin Ulug. The man takes the road through Europe and takes refuge in the province of Batman, in the southeastern part of Turkey, where he is at the beginning of the year 2018. The hope of seeing the killer of their son fades away for the parents of Julien Videlaine. But in May 2018, the information reached them: the father of the family was arrested, a few weeks later, Turkey agreed to extradite him. This will happen in October 2019, after the processing of an appeal by the Court of Cassation.

“The damage is done”

The investigation will be resumed and new hearings will be held. Muhittin Ulug will explain to the judge that he killed Julien Videlaine, not because he was his daughter’s girlfriend, but because he thought the young man would rape his daughter. The latter will then change version. During the first interrogations, she had claimed that her father was disapproving of her relationship, which she now denies. She also says that she no longer remembers the course of events.

The young woman, now 27, is a civilian party in the lawsuit. But a few days ago, one of Muhittin Ulug’s lawyers, Me Frank Berton, and Julien Videlaine’s family lawyer, discovered that the defendant’s daughter had been represented since the 2020 murder reconstruction by a lawyer who is none other than the wife of the other advice in the father of the family.

“It’s grotesque, it’s scandalous,” Me Devred condemns. “It is not an absolute principle that a wife and a husband cannot intervene in the same matter, but this is judged in the light of two principles of our oath, delicacy and independence. “

Victim’s parents ‘terrified’

But in this case, where it will be especially a matter of family restrictions, with a father who refused to allow his daughter to have a relationship with a boy who does not belong to his community, Me Berton refuses to plead with Me Pierre Lumbroso , the other Muhittin Ulug’s lawyer, that he had not informed him of this situation. What the interested party rejects.

For Mig Devred, “the damage has been done”, the young girl “has chosen her camp”. “She lived something terrible, she is vulnerable, the lawyer declares. She had the choice between loyalty to her love or finding the warmth of a family.”

If Julien Videlaine’s family intends to rely on the girl’s first hearings to establish that this is an “honor crime”, this firing is perceived as a terrible ordeal.

“They are shaken, they have been waiting for this date for years, this is the first time they have had to be confronted with the man who took their son’s life,” their lawyer sums up.

Thursday’s court hearing was summed up by a discussion between the court, the attorney general and the lawyers to clarify the defendant’s choice of defense.

Especially when a statement from the President of Paris asked the wife and husband to withdraw from this case. The second did, the first refuses. “I’m Mr Ulug’s historical lawyer, I’ve built a privileged relationship with my client, I can not see that I do not defend him,” said Me Pierre Lumbroso contacted by The defense of my client comes before everything. I I will not give it up 24 hours before the hearing. “The lawyer also undertakes any trial that he incurs.

Muhittin Ulug, who faces up to 30 years in prison, must now choose between his two lawyers or appoint a new one. A new consultation date will then be set.

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