President: another five-year term at Macron would lead to “the destruction of our social protection”, Judge Hidalgo

The essentials

  • The first round, on April 10, is in 16 days. The official campaign begins on Monday.
  • On Thursday night, Marine Le Pen reached out to Eric Zemmour’s voters for a second round of voting, believing that “the choice must be made” between a “globalist” Macron and her “patriot”.
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon sounds the general mobilization to hang second round. With huge meetings, return of holograms and caravans in working-class neighborhoods.


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“I’ve never been so close to victory,” Le Pen said

Rassemblement’s national candidate for the presidential election spoke for an hour and a half with six of our readers. This interview can be read here.


Nicolas Dupont-Aignan wants Didier Raoult in health

If elected president, the sovereignty candidate would name Health Minister Didier Raoult “one of the greatest specialists in the world who was treated like a dog,” he said in an interview with Nice-Matin. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan has at least almost no chance of reaching the Elysée, at least this year, as he achieves 2% of the voting intentions in the polls.


Hidalgo urges not to give Macron a blank check

The socialist candidate, credited with about 2% of the voting intentions, believes in Têtu that “part of the population could say to themselves that given the chaos of the world, perhaps Emmanuel Macron should continue”. “But many of these people were stopped in this idea when they clearly saw that another five-year period at Macron is pure destruction of our social protection!”, She lets go.


Who are the climate protesters voting for?

While a new world day for young people’s efforts for the climate is being held this Friday, March 25, a collective of social science researchers has examined the voice intentions of the climate movement. Mélenchon stands out in front of Jadot, while Macron and Hidalgo are out of the hook, reports L’Obs.


The occupation of the end of the month

“There’s no one this morning!” We feel it’s the end of the month, apologizes “Fanfan”, the bartender from Balto, and mechanically polishes the chrome of the beer vending machines. Opposite him, on the other side of the counter at this bar-tobacco shop, tucked away from RN2 connecting Paris with Belgium, an elderly customer nods with dull eyes in agreement, his nose on his espresso and his glass of “calva”. Report in Aisne, where many voters are concerned about the impact of the war in Ukraine on purchasing power.


Pécresse and Roussel will house the refugees in the villas of the Russian oligarchs

With Fabien Roussel, we have two things in common, Valérie Pécresse admitted on Thursday night at France 2. We like steaks (Editor’s note: Fabien Roussel defended “good wine, good cheese and good meat”) and we do not like Russian oligarchs! ,, Dixit Valérie Pécresse, on the set of France 2, Thursday night. The two candidates, from one end of the political spectrum to the other, want to house the refugees in the villas seized as part of the sanctions against the invasion of Ukraine. The detail.


Mélenchon believes in that

At France Bleu, Jean-Luc Mélenchon defends his turtle strategy: “ I started sixteen months ago saying: We go there for a long time, but for sure “, he explains, while the candidate from rebellious France began his campaign in November 2022.” There are sixteen days left to catch up on the four or five points that I miss to reach the second round, it’s playable, “he says.


Hidalgo utilizes Carcassonne

Here is a “happy” candidate. On tour in the south, Anne Hidalgo welcomes her start to the day “in the beautiful city of Carcassonne”, which gave her a “warm welcome” to the one meeting in Toulouse tomorrow. What warms the voice intentions towards him?


Please note that the Trocadéro is closed on Sundays

The Musée de l’Homme, the Théâtre de Chaillot and the Cité de l’architecture will exceptionally be closed all Sunday due to the meeting of Eric Zemmour. The Reconquest candidate invited his supporters to meet from 6 p.m. 14.00 for his convention, which was scheduled for at. One of his last cards, to go up in the polls.


The weight of support from Zemmour

Stanislas Rigault, spokesman for Reconquête, gets carried away on Twitter because “Zemmour is not afraid of anything”. “He’s the only candidate who went to the heart of hell, Porte de La Chapelle, on the hill of crack.”

This morning, the far right candidate went to the Porte de la Villette in Paris, where residents came to talk about the daily difficulties of sharing the neighborhood with drug addicts. The former polemicist was surrounded by faithful, journalists and his security officers.


Remigration, what is this support shown by pro-Zemmour?

On social networks, supporters of Eric Zemmour have since this morning claimed that the concept of “remigrating” their champion is hailed by the French, and especially right-wing voters. This morning, the Ifop Institute published a poll commissioned by Sud Radio and conducted on March 15 and 16, just days before Zemmour put forward the idea of ​​his ministry dedicated to this mission.

37% of respondents said they were “shocked” by the term migration, while 66% supported the stated goal presented by the institute as “deportation of illegal immigrants, S-files and foreign criminals”. However, 58% of respondents do not know exactly what it is.


If you missed it

Faced with the very bad polls of Anne Hidalgo, the socialist candidate, the Paris City Hall wonders what will happen at the head of the capital when she takes full control of it. Demotivation, massive reshuffle, clashes: all the hypotheses are on the table.


Is that a good idea? We checked

Our journalists have analyzed candidate Macron’s campaign proposals to ensure that cohabitants who are neither married nor in a PACS can file a joint tax return. But would it affect many people, and for what economy?


The author of the projectile jet at Zemmour arrested

Paris police headquarters reported that they had arrested the person suspected of throwing a bottle of water at Eric Zemmour in Paris this morning. The far-right candidate offered himself an advertising stunt by going to the Porte de la Villette to meet residents and shop owners suffering from the permanent presence of drug addicts, despite the dismantling of the sad “crack hill” and the insertion of Significant resources from city and state.


Fabien Roussels “father’s pride”

Very discreet about his privacy – we just know that the communist candidate has a mixed family with five children – Fabien Roussel tweeted an encouragement to Kevin Oumar, MMA fighter, currently in Abu Dhabi. Kevin Oumar is the 6th Frenchman in the line of Pro Light Heavyweights in this martial art.


Pécresse claims “zero impunity”

Shocked by the images of this security guard at the shopping mall Les Quatre Temps in La Défense, which was violently attacked on Wednesday night, candidate LR responded on Twitter by recalling his promise to sentence the perpetrators to attacks on depositors a year in prison. ‘public authority.


Mélenchon wants more honesty in politics

Can a person who has had legal issues apply for the presidency of the Republic? “I am in favor of the fact that candidates for election have a clean criminal record in matters of corruption,” said Jean-Luc Mélenchon, on the sidelines of an interview on France Bleu. In his place last week, candidate Macron had taken an identical stance: Not all convictions deserve such an election sanction.


The young people of 93 talk about politics

On Wednesday night, young people from the Seine-Saint-Denis presidential election debated in the branch council on the themes they would like to see at the heart of the campaign. Stéphane Troussel, the chair of the department, promised to ask the candidates these questions before the first round.


In large O in front of Fage

The representatives of the candidates for the Elysée follow each other in front of the members of Fage, the first student association, in Avignon. “This is an opportunity to make your voice heard and change the society of the future,” argued Paul Mayaux in the introduction, president of the association.

It was Hendrik Davi who opened the ballet of presentations, for Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He was followed by Louis Vogel, Mayor of Melun, who represented Emmanuel Macron.


François de Rugy leaves politics

Former President of the National Assembly and Minister of Ecological Transformation François de Rugy is not running for re-election next June. He will now “invest in bourgeois life through an association or a think tank”, he confides to the magazine Fundamental.

In this interview, he shows concern: “by attacking elected officials, by attacking them as soon as they are nominated by the vote, we lose sight of their essential usefulness and the importance of representative democracy. We tear down, we get dirty, we disqualify instead of counter-arguing, ”he laments.

For the presidential election, he renews his support for Emmanuel Macron, for whom he had left the EELV.


Africa, the great danger to Zemmour

“At the beginning of the century, there were 500 million people in Africa, which is 2.5 billion now. And there are 15-120% of those who want to come to France “, claims Eric Zemmour to justify his fear of the” big replacement “.

According to demographic projections, the population of the African continent is closer to 1.5 billion than to 2.5.


The embarrassment of a resident towards Zemmour

A resident of the district moves forward in front of Eric Zemmour, Porte de la Villette. He says the window of his car has been closed twice and that he sometimes sleeps in his vehicle to keep an eye on him. “Expulsion,” Eric Zemmour replies. The gentleman, embarrassed, believes there is “jail” for punishing offenders, regardless of their nationality.


Zemmour has no plans to lose in the first round

“We will see on April 10. I am not a politician, I am fighting for France and for the French, it is up to them to decide. We must not imagine that we will lose, it is a psychological logic that used by all the candidates, ”pleads Eric Zemmour.


Zemmour faces drug addicts

“Sick people like you need to be treated. The smugglers need to be sent home,” Eric Zemmour insists, assuming all traffickers are foreigners. “I grew up here, Madame, I protect the French,” the candidate replies to a woman who blames him far from his speech.

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