Season 10 of Love is in the meadow | A smaller and less homogeneous meadow

Love is in the meadow continues its efforts to diversify its distribution. In January, Noovo’s amorous reality show welcomes its second gay farmer, its first wife since 2018 and its first French-ontarian.

Published 13 Dec 2021

Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux
The press

A season after forming the beloved couple Alex and David, Love is in the meadow will try to repeat the farm with Luka, a dairy producer from Issoudun, in Chaudière-Appalaches. The 24-year-old tractor enthusiast hopes to find a partner to watch movies Sunday morning while eating homemade pancakes.

In his presentation video, Luka describes himself as a positive leader who appreciates country music for “going and swinging a bit”. Interested parties should, however, expect to be number two from time to time. “I am absent in love when I spread manure in the spring, but when I am there, I am there! exclaims the bachelor.

To form his “dream team”, this aficionado of “colleux” is looking for a sensitive partner who likes to laugh “with the monks and aunts”.

Is the presence of Luka in the show’s credits a direct result of the recruitment of Alex last year? “Luka would answer no,” the producer of the popular TV show, Martin Métivier, answers the phone. “He had never listened to the program.”


Luka, 24 years old

Viewers will definitely compare the two candidates. They will quickly discover that they are very different, says Martin Métivier. “Alex loved to cook,” the producer recalls. Luka is not like that. He’s younger. It’s a different dynamic. »

“I do not want to forage”

On the 10thand season of Love is in the meadow will also feature a farmer from Ontario. His name is Denis and he lives in Casselman, a few minutes drive from St-Bernardin, host Katherine Levac’s childhood town.

Denis runs an agriturismo farm that welcomes 30,000 people a year. Father of three children, this self-proclaimed bon vivant likes to skate on the pond if we trust the first pictures he took for the show. After a year of celibacy, he wants to make a long-term commitment. “I’m not like a bee. I do not want to forage,” he explains.


Dennis, 53 years old

While abroad, the adjustments of Love is in the meadow often enroll candidates outside of Quebec, this is the first.

We have always been open. We have already received an application from New Brunswick, but the farmer had withdrawn.

Martin Metivier, producer

Moreover, Love is in the meadow will admit his first wife since Kathleen (7and season): Marika, dairy and pork producer. The candidate from Sainte-Eulalie was one of the shortlisted candidates along with his brother, Jacob, but the latter did not take the final step.

We are talking about a sporty, colorful, simple and “very, very honest” girl who “is not capable of lying for 5 cents”.


Maria, 26 years old

Marika hopes to “settle” with a “family guy” who “wants to know” [l’]make “.

The other two registered farmers are Marc-Antoine, 31, and Joé, 29. Dairy producer from Saint-Aimé in Montérégie, the first describing himself as a “boy of bebelles” (boat, Ski-Doo, four-wheel-drive engine) who loves to get loose with friends. Of the “old-fashioned” type (he is the one who pays in the restaurant), Marc-Antoine is looking for a natural girl, but who likes to “powder a little”. “During the week, I can sometimes be an ugly rag, but on the weekends I like that it looks good,” he says.


Marc Antoine, 31 years old

The other is the father of a 2-year-old boy. Owner of a small farmhouse, which he runs in an ancestral way in Saint-Jean-de-Matha, in Lanaudière, this big guy of 6 ft 6 in, a fan of “luggage” tours, dreams of one day living in self-adequacy.


Joe, 29 years old

All double vaccinated

The shootings of Love is in the meadow started in the middle of a heat wave in August. When each participant was fully vaccinated, bubbles were created to allow connections early in the adventure, unlike last year. With the borders reopened, the last trip to Mexico went in November.

With 26 babies, Love is in the meadow is still the most prolific reality show in Quebec. Dual employment will (very little) reduce the gap in 2022, as Carl and Andréanne fromOD with us expecting their first child. Claudie and Mathieu fromOD South Africa is engaged and Noémie and Vincent (OD with us) resist, like some nationals in recent editions.

In other words, Love is in the meadow is no longer the only show that manages to form lasting couples.

It’s better this way. Finding love is the biggest challenge. Whoever succeeds, that’s good news.

Martin Metivier, producer

Note that a revisit and retrospective of the first 10 seasons will soon be filmed at Manoir du lac William.

Last winter, the 9thand season of Love is in the meadow overall an average of 673,000 viewers according to confirmed data from Numéris. On, it generated 1,250,000 views.

On the 10thand season of Love is in the meadow presented at Noovo from Thursday 13 January at 20.00.

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