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They have walked on the moon, flown in shuttle: they will stand on stage at the EPFL to share their adventures with the public, the craziest of a humanity that still lives through dark times.

The trailer for ‘Legends of Space’

RMS Entertainment and Swissapollo

“Come and live, breathe, find yourself together to share amazing moments”. This great show by “Legends of Space”, its organizer, Lukas Viglietti, sees it as a fantastic breath of fresh air after two years of global pandemic that has suffocated us. A breath of fresh air that was supposed to take place earlier, last December, but the virus still limited us in our social lives. Most of the restrictions have now been lifted, so the show could easily take place on March 18 and 19 at the EPFL (tickets are already on sale). Even though the war in Ukraine darkened the party.

The space adventure, however, remains a great way of believing in humanity, capable of the best when it desires. Because if the conquest of space has progressed thanks to fierce competition, it will progress even better when nations work together. To think of space is also to gain height and realize that we are inhabitants of the same planet and that it should unite us instead of dividing us. All those who have seen the Earth from above and who will be present on stage at the Swiss Tech Convention Center are fully aware of this. That is also why you should go and see them and listen to them.

Swiss aviation pilot Lukas Viglietti is so passionate about space that he founded Swissapollo and was able to win the trust of all the astronauts and scientists he met. He started organizing conferences more than 10 years ago, which then turned into shows: “Moonrace” in 2015 in Lausanne, the 25th anniversary of Claude Nicollier’s first flight in space in 2017, still in Lausanne. And in 2019, in Los Angeles, a huge event for the 50th anniversary of the first man on the Moon.

Apollo’s last commander

In this new show, “Legends of Space”, the main characters will make us relive their adventures, but we will also explain where we are going, what the consequences of the space adventure will be. In this show of more than two hours, Lukas Viglietti will welcome his guests on stage and translate their words into French. There will be two men who have walked on the moon, Charlie Duke and Dave Scott. The latter is the only boss of an Apollo mission (Apollo 15) still alive. “He wants us to relive the moment he landed his machine on the Moon between big mountains, a particularly dangerous exercise.”

Gerry Griffin, flight director for the Apollo missions, Kathy Sullivan, the first American to go into space, Ellen Ochoa, astronaut and former director of the Johnson Space Center, French astronaut Jean-François Clervoy, our only Swiss astronaut Claude Nicollier and Professor Mark McCaughrean Scientific Advisor for ESA: such is the impressive cast of this show, which will be much more than a conference. Images will be projected on the large 25 meter long screen, with smoke bombs, real sound and light.

“It’s not just reserved for space adventure enthusiasts,” says Lukas Viglietti. It’s for the whole family. The public will be able to experience what the astronauts have experienced, discover things they did not know, laugh, but also be moved, with especially a sequence in memory of the heroes of space who have disappeared ”.

Exhibition and attractions before the show

The festivities begin at 6 p.m., two hours before the show starts. In the foyer of the auditorium, the audience will be welcomed in bars, will be able to see exhibitions, including a model of the Orion capsule for the future Artemis mission for the Moon, meet YouTube stars (Vicnet, 12 Parsecs and Le Point Genius), get a selfie taken, admire the works of artist Matt Turner and get autographs from the pilots of the Swiss Patrouille.

Lukas Viglietti hopes on this show to get him to go on a European or even world tour: Monaco, London, Dubai, China, why not, and that would be the icing on the cake at the Kennedy Space Center. “With our Swiss flag we can do it, many doors open”.

The president of Swissapollo has just released an expanded edition of his book: “Apollo Confidential” has actually become “From Apollo to Artemis Confidential”, for to the stories of all those who have walked on the Moon, there has been a chapter on the future. of space exploration. To keep dreaming and hoping that men come together to reach out for the stars instead of going to war on the only planet they have.

“From Apollo to Artemis Confidentially” by Lukas Viglietti, Ed, e Boeck Supérieur, 304 pages

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