Slow fading: toxic love practice is worse than ghost

that slow fade is the last toxic love practice from the moment. Does your crush no longer respond to you so quickly? Does he or she plant you on every date? Hi well, you’re probably a victim of it.

Slow fade, what exactly is it?

Get ghosted very carefully, here is the very simple definition of this omptuous toxic practice. This phenomenon occurs when one person loses interest in the other, whether the two partners are in a relationship or simply in the seduction phase. The person prefers to disappear slowly from your daily life while she have only one wish: to leave, to flee, to turn the page.

But there are unmistakable signals that should warn you. Like false jumps every time you have to see each other, endless and unusual response times or even lack of interest in your daily life and your life in general. All the while carefully avoiding answering your questions when you ask him what is wrong.

The most insidious thing about this method is that it spreads over time, making it almost as toxic as cookies. In the beginning, the sufferer convinces himself that his or her partner is simply going through a bad period. She then doubles her efforts to brighten up the everyday life of her or his beloved. All without a moment’s hint that the duo’s future is already closed.

Slow fade: the reasons for this toxic love practice

You will understand that slow fade is a ghost in a slower, more insidious and therefore more painful version. The person applying it uses this process in the hopes of causing less pain. Above all, she hopes to avoid confrontation, a bit of cowardice, let it be said.

The partner again attached is really helpless and suffers from the situation. Fear and questions overwhelm him. The person may even go so far as to wonder if they did something negative to cause this alienation. Understanding what is happening to her can really destabilize her, even destroy her. In short, the security damage is real.

So yes, we understand the difficulty of telling someone clearly that they are no longer interested in us. But hoping to do less harm, we end up doing more. Leaving a person clean can be done with two or three tweezers. Know in any case that this is the best way to avoid toxic love methods and slept peacefully.

Being a victim of slow fading can take a huge toll on your self-esteem. It’s legitimate. Moreover, any pain you may feel will be. Do not minimize your emotions, but tell yourself that it may save you from living another one toxic relationship. Accepting the situation without questioning your worth is the beginning of the solution. Then you have two options.

The first is to talk about it on your future.and ex / crush. The idea is to verbalize everything you feel and demand accountability. To avoid walking around in circles, start from your own emotions, without falling into accusations. It is also a means of confronting the fugitive individual with his cowardice.

Men, especially in heterosexual relationships, often have a habit of running away from it. One toxic love behavior that it is time to eliminate by confronting them. Take the opportunity to ask the fateful questions: “Will you keep having me in your life or not? And in that case what ? “At worst, the answer will be a” no, I do not want you in my life anymore “and it will have the benefit of being clear.

The second option is obviously not the most popular. It consists of making a very simple deduction: if this person treats me like that, it’s because he does not deserve me in his life. Point. Yes, we know it’s a little radical. It is up to you to find the solution that works best for you. In any case, know that you deserve to be loved and respected. Oh yes, do not forget one thing: celibacy has never killed anyone.

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