Souad Boutegrabet “Des_Codeuses changes women’s social trajectory”

March 8 is International Women’s Rights Day. The opportunity to highlight positive initiatives from women, for women. Souad Boutegrabet tells us about his association, Des_Codeuses.

March 8 is Women’s Rights Day, and it’s always a good opportunity to make women and their initiatives visible. Souad Boutegrabet founded the association des_Codeuses in 2017, a structure that supports women in “popular circles” who wants to learn the code, from training to joining the company: “As a woman with a working-class background in Val-de-Marne, I realized that I did not have access to information. I wanted to create the association for give women a chance to succeed in the world of coding, a world that is not available to us. “ According to figures from Souad Boutegrabet, the proportion of women in the profession is only 14%.

Des_Codeuses is the first learning community that combines technical training and collective empowerment, “we have to follow women from education to the companies we work with, because training is not the hardest part: it’s what follows, it’s preparation for the elite and masculine professional world.”

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Des_Codeuses, a key to “liberating women”

Des_Codeuses offers an innovative course, which is an alternation between training, management, collective organization and then integration in a company. “We wanted to create a complete course because it’s not enough to learn to program: the most important thing is to learn to work in a team, with new working methods, to understand the Tech universe, and that we in popular circles are not taught it. . ” Thanks to Des_Codeuses, Souad wants the Boutegrabet create more social justice and equality. “Today in 2022, the focus is on neighborhoods in a negative way, where it is impossible to succeed …” However, this is false. “Des_Codeuses allows you to free yourself by providing access to a valued and better paid profession.”

These women have very different profiles, but they often have children and this can slow them down in their training sincethey have to be kept and it can be expensive. “we participate in childcare expenses so they are mentally accessible for learning.” This removes a barrier that may prevent his women from getting started. “The L’Oréal Foundation helps us support all the obstacles throughout the social journey, whether it is an economic obstacle, an obstacle to housing, we also help these women when they experience violence. All women are represented at Des -Codeuses, women who wear veils, women of color, women who are discriminated against … But we are sure of one thing: partner companies are not reluctant to hire them. “

The association opens centers where companies are in demand: in Belleville, St-Ouen, Marseille, Lille, etc. We only set up if there are requests from companies, because otherwise our work is useless, as the women have to find a job after the education. That is why we work closely with companies and give women access to permanent contracts.

Very different life paths: “all women have an incredible story”

“We help 16 women per class and we have two a year. They all have an incredible story,” indicates Souad Boutegrabet. “We had Louisa, who comes from a foreign country and who had a good situation in her country. But when she arrived in France, she could not pursue her basic profession because her diplomas are not valid (which is a discrepancy). “She had to start from scratch. She was tired of insecure jobs, so she approached us. Without Des_Codeuses, she would not have been a programmer in a large group.”

Her new job gives her the opportunity to be valued, to have social benefits, to get a better home: “His whole life changed. Thanks to the association, we are changing the social trajectory of women : they go from a situation where they are not considered to be a stable situation where they can exercise their leadership. “

Souad Boutegrabet recalls that this is important for strengthening their self-confidence, and in the neighborhood they have become role models. “The economic difference is 40% between their previous salary and that which codes. This is the primary motivation for women.” The association also highlights a very increased soority: “Women help each other, they are powerful because they move forward together. There is a true spirit of sisterhood.”

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