successful return to the little pink ball? The press tests

Nintendo offers us Kirby’s return in Kirby and the Forgotten World, a very sweet release filled with adventure and action, always with the adorable pink ball. We explain everything about this news, including what the press thought about it.

[Mis à jour le vendredi 25 mars 2022 à 12h43] Remember, it’s 1992 and the world is discovering Masahiro Sakurai’s new creation, a little pink sphere named Kirby. And yes, our sweet hero is no longer very young, celebrating his thirtieth birthday this year. And in a very nice way, as Nintendo offers us a new adventure on the Nintendo Switch, which is none other than Kirby and the Forgotten World, a game of action and exploration in 3D fixed camera, where our adventurer discovers the mysteries that surround a new left the world he was thrown into. An excursion as fun as it is daring, at least if we are to believe the press reviews.

The press tests

With its very nice 84/100 on Metacritic, Kirby and the Forgotten World will hardly be forgotten too quickly. The press seems to agree relatively on the quality of this new adventure, at least it’s Gamespot’s opinion that gives it a nice 90/100: “Kirby and the Forgotten World is one of those games that is hard to play without getting a silly smile on your face. It is much more than a cute and charming platform game with colorful graphics.“With Chris Carter from Destructoid, it’s a huge success with 95/100:”I expected a very comfortable Kirby adventure and got a lot more, but with the effective and effortless virtues that previous games had imposed. ” On the French side, the success is there too, as JVC awards it no less than 85/100: “A successful bet for our little pink ball! The transition to 3D is very successful and adds more depth to this Nintendo universe.”



It’s true that Kirby got his start on older systems, and like some bearded plumber, he got his start on two-dimensional platform games. And like the Italian plumber, Kirby now makes his debut in a 3D game. That is, you will control the adorable little ball role in the third person, camera in the back and firm. In fact, the camera imposes a point of view on you, making it difficult to explore the world in peace, making Kirby and the Forgotten World a 3D action-adventure game that does not approach the principle of the open world. The different levels of the game therefore have a main path and some secondary paths, which allow you to discover hidden treasures and other objects.

As for Kirby himself, he apparently retains his ability to suck up his enemies, and in doing so he gains various powers to assist him in his quest. He can therefore win a sword, fire, tornadoes and all sorts of objects, each more effective than the other. By finding plans in various hidden passages, our hero will be able to improve his powers and change his appearance for more style and efficiency at the end of the game. He can also use transmorphism to move. To put it simply, Kirby can also absorb objects to customize certain properties, a force that is particularly useful for moving around and exploring unknown places.

On the history side, Kirby and the Forgotten World are in post-apocalyptic. Far from approaching Mad Max, the game transports us to a new world via a vortex that appeared on Popstar’s world. This forgotten and desert world is home to Waddle-Dee, adorable creatures that Kirby will try to save from the herd of beasts. The Forgotten World presents different levels where nature has taken over civilization. The saved Waddle-Dee gathers in a village that the player can develop at will, Animal Crossing style.

Release date

If it does not necessarily get the headlines like Elden Ring, Kirby and the Forgotten World is still an event release and presents itself as a must-have title on the Nintendo Switch. Its release date is set for March 25, 2022, a deal that should by no means be missed by all fans of the Nintendo universe, or gamers who just want to immerse themselves in an easy adventure, alone or in pairs in an unpublished universe. In fact, Kirby and the Forgotten World will offer two-player cooperative gameplay on the local screen.

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