The new Loiret Zoo has finally opened in Fay-aux-Loges

“Did you find an American staff? Yes, we can pick him up in Chaingy. It’s probably Nino!” The new Loiret pound has just opened in Fay-aux-Loges.

A large building built for the apartment, which replaces the dilapidated structure attached to the SPA in Chilleurs-aux-Bois. Also a new team: If Léonie had worked on Chilleur’s pound, manager Aline Raveleau and their teammate Aurélie are all new to this position.

A pound expected for years

Up to 49 dogs and 40 cats

And the pound, this Thursday in March, is far from full. Two felines and five dogs are waiting there to find their master, where the premises could accommodate 49 dogs and 40 cats. The only animals accepted at the pound. “We are in a quiet period, there are always more animals in the summer“, Explains Aline Raveleau.

“When a person finds a stray dog, he can drop off the animal at City Hall or bring it to us, but we will ask him for a document from City Hall giving him the authority to drop off the animal. Not everyone can pass when they want to.

Aline Raveleau (Responsible for the Loiret pound)

City Hall can bring the animal to the pound, where it is mostly the women of the team who go to the town halls to pick up the stray animal.

Identify the masters

»We then check that he has an identification (tattoo or electronic chip) – I remind you that it is mandatory – and we contact the owners. If there is no identification or it is not updated, we will investigate with local residents, the municipal police … “

From pictures are published on the pound’s Facebook page and on the Pet alert 45 website. If the owner is found, he has to pay a seizure fee (40 euros for pickup, 60 euros for installing a chip, 10 euros per day to pay for food).

A catch like no other in the center of Orléans

A new life for uncollected animals

“If we can not find the owner after eight working days, the pound becomes the dog’s owner. He could be transferred to a shelter or an association to find a new family. “

And let’s not worry, “we do not practice euthanasia. Except for the advice of the vet, and that’s extremely rare. “

The team proudly displayed the pictures on their wall of the few sick or nervous dogs that she was able to placeeven if it means contacting partners at the other end of France.

Make no mistake about it: the pound is not a refuge. Its purpose is to house stray animals while their masters are found, not to house animals whose masters no longer want them!

Three outdoor enclosures to stretch your legs

While waiting to join their master or go to the shelter to find new ones, the dogs and cats take advantage of their brand new premises, with boxes overlooking both the inner corridor and a wooded area.

In addition, three mesh compartments have been set up so that they can stretch their legs in the open air. The homes are far enough away to avoid major noise pollution. “And then the dogs bark especially when there is traffic. Here they are much less disturbed than in Chilleurs-aux-Bois, where there was a visit to the neighboring SPA refuge. They are therefore much calmer, ”assures Aline Raveleau.

The new premises also house a hospital enriched with a bath for dogs, and several rooms where food is stored, transport cages … or even a mountain of coverage offered by individuals.

In numbers

321Last year, the Chilleurs pound received 321 dogs – 138 of which were returned to their owners.

443cats were placed at the pound in 2021, of which only 40 have returned to their original homes.

A new organization

New premises, also new name and expanded: we are now dealing with the management association for the animal sound in the municipalities and local communities in the Loiret.

It is the intermediate municipalities that stick to it (and therefore who pays), and no longer the towns and villages.

One thing has not changed: the price, 31 øre pr. inhabitant, remembers the president, Pascal Gudin. A good chunk below the price charged by many pounds.

The pound, located on the Boulevard de l’Evangile in Fay-aux-Loges, is open Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:00 by appointment. Telephone.

Caroline Bozec

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