these 3 signs are the most toxic

Many people have already experienced a toxic relationship in their lives. If this is not your case, good for you, please give us your advice and your selection criteria, we will try to put them into practice! In general, the memory of this relationship would make any sensible person doubt and run in the opposite direction when it comes to toxicity. We also need to ask ourselves the right questions and ask ourselves why someone else’s toxic ex is someone else’s perfect partner!

How do you know if a sign is toxic?

Sometimes it’s just external factors like age or stress make the relationship impossible between two people, but sometimes some people just bring out the worst in the other. Some personalities may not get along at all, and the accumulation of these disagreements promotes the creation of a toxic environment and relationship.

Since we can assign some Character traits signs, it is therefore interesting to look at those who are most at risk of having a toxic character! Of course, with communication and perseverance, it is possible to create a relationship with any character, but here are the characters that are generally the most toxic!


Twins can be toxic because they do not know what they want. They can then be evasive, manipulative and extremely independent. If they get bored, they too can easily create a conflict. Apart from the Twins themselves, no one ever understands what they are thinking.

The worst “match” of one twin will be Taurus. Taurus actually knows how to be patient when this is not the case for the Gemini, who have an eternal need for change. Taurus will wait for the relationship to get better while Gemini will do what they can to get Taurus to break up and both characters will just have wasted their time.

The other “match” that exactly will not match for the Gemini is Capricorn. Capricorn is traditional and organized, while Gemini prefers adventure and spontaneity. The desires of one will inevitably make the other unhappy, which is the very definition of toxicity !


Scorpios can be envious and love revenge more than anything else. They have major (major) trust issues that can make them toxic in their relationships, especially their romantic relationships. They also know how to handle it, and above all: they love it …

The Scorpions become Leo’s worst “fight”. Scorpios would like to spend their days trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe, while Leo would like Scorpio to focus on one thing: himself. Lions like to be the center of attention and receive compliments, while scorpions are quite stingy with these things. They will then not hesitate to seek compliments elsewhere, which Scorpio will do gal of jealousy. This combination can then lead to successful scenes, the passionate character of Scorpio and the narcissism of Leo confronting each other in public household scenes that are worth being the best reality TV!


Virgos seek to control everything. They often look for the little beast, the detail that shows that not everything is perfect and they are easy to criticize. They easily get what they want and their decisions and reactions will challenge your confidence. Perfectionists, they have very high demands and have a hard time turning the page. If they’re mad at you for something, be prepared to hear about it for years, if not decades …

Virgo’s worst “match” is Pisces, far too dreamy for Virgo’s Cartesian character. Although they can be very good friends, a romantic relationship is much less likely and will only lead to frustration.

Virgo’s second worst fight will be Libra. When we say that one can bring out the worst in the other, we are talking about a relationship between Virgo and Libra. The mind too critical of the Virgin and the gossip tendencies of the Libra are not created for each other. They are also both good talkers and will not really let the other speak, which can lead to one personality clashes.

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