Tony Estanguet (Paris 2024) and Nicolas Ferrand (SOLIDEO) met with the first leaders of trade unions and employers’ organizations to take stock of the economic and social commitments contained in the Paris 2024 Social Charter

The Paris 2024 Social Charter, signed in 2018 by Paris 2024, SOLIDEO and all the social partners, sets out 16 commitments to make the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games an exemplary event in economic and social terms (access for all companies to the markets , sustainable integration in employment, training, promotion of sports in the company, safety on construction sites, etc.).

The social charter, a symbol of the collaborative and innovative method of Paris 2024, illustrates the desire to make the Games a major collective project and a laboratory for social and economic innovation.

Since the application, the mobilization of the social partners has made it possible to be as close as possible to the realities and needs of companies and employees.

In addition to the Social Charter Monitoring Committee, which has met more than thirty times since 2018, the social partners sit on the boards of Paris 2024 and SOLIDEO and are engaged in all structuring topics for the Games’ economic and social ambition: Charter for Responsible Procurement, Paris 2024 Academy , Volunteer Strategy, etc.

This meeting was an opportunity for all signatories of the Charter to:

  • recall the importance of the commitment of employers’ organizations and trade unions as well as their priority expectations:
    • Quality and sustainable integration in employment,
    • Construction site safety,
    • Access to economic opportunities for OSCE and SMEs,
    • Promotion of sport in business,
    • Structuring the economic sector of sport.
  • place even greater emphasis on this innovative and groundbreaking collaboration.
  • recognizes the need to accelerate the dynamics of implementation and compliance.
  • maintain the JOP’s ambition for exemplarity and responsibility, especially with regard to sustainable employment.
  • insist on the need for the committee to be as close as possible to the workplaces, in particular through the permanence of the living bases.
  • prepare an initial assessment of financial opportunities and spin-offs

Finally, the participants agreed to be able to meet for a new status report in a year.

For Dominique Carlac’h (Co-chair of the Social Charter Committee) ” this meeting is a demonstration of the innovation represented by the social charter. This is the first in the history of doctors; it is an honor for employers’ organizations and trade unions, but it is also a great responsibility. »

For Bernard Thibault (Co-chair of the Social Charter Committee) ” We were able to confirm the commitment of all the signatories and sincerely draw up a balance. We all share the importance of the social partners participating in the success of the Paris2024 JOP. But the new phase, which is now beginning, causes us to redouble our efforts to ensure compliance with commitments and adapt our working methods. »

For Tony Estanguet (Paris 2024) ” The Games are a springboard for moving the lines of the economy and society, especially thanks to the work we have done for three years with the social partners. We are already seeing the first results: out of 20% of the contracts awarded, 60% of our service providers are VSE-SMEs, more than 80% are French companies. French companies and public services seize the Games as an opportunity to make progress with the integration of people far from employment, the responsible economy to get started with VSEs SMEs and the ESS, the environmental transformation … We are at 855 days from the opening ceremony, we entered a new cycle with an activity more and more aimed at the operation. The exchange we had today with the social partners gives us the opportunity to attach even greater importance to the Social Charter and its supporting role in the coming major stages. It is an unprecedented method, a real social laboratory that can inspire the organization of sporting events and more generally of all major collective projects. “.

For Nicolas Ferrand (MD for SOLIEO) ” 1058 people who, thanks to the Olympic works, will have had access to a job during the first year of work, are a source of great pride for us. 1100 VSEs / SMEs / ESS in 78 departments, the whole of France is building the Games. On the quality of life of construction sites, there is a specific charter to increase prevention, and in addition, a companion in Le Parisien testified on 17 February 2022: “I worked for ten years in Paris, and for once I feel safe. It is the first workplace in my life where it’s going so well “, it’s going well and we need to maintain this ambition in the home straight away when there will be 11,000 workers in the workplace.. »

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