Top 15 fictional couples we think are cool but are clearly toxic

There are lots of couples from unbearable series that we hate for no reason and there are others that we love when they are clearly toxic. We know they are terrible and sometimes even cruel to each other, but we can not help but love them more than our own children.

1. Ross and Rachel in Friends

They find each other, they go apart, they take a break, but in real life they were not on a break, and go on, they find each other again to break up again, they get married and divorced and then have a child, but still not together … We’ve had enough of Ross and Rachel, let’s be honest. Ross is an egocentric and jealous guy to the point that it gets sickly, and Rachel knows full well that she can find better than Ross, but still stay with him. They have nothing to do with each other and we had a bit of a headache when Rachel gave up her dream of working in Paris to stay with that great man Ross.

2. Peter and Mary Jane in Spider-Man

The popular girl who leaves high school kingpin to go out with the loser, it only happens right in the movies. As the story progresses, the relationship between Peter and Mary Jane worsens and we realize that they are not so sweet together. We know it feels like the end when Peter kisses another girl with his Spider-Man mask in front of Mary Jane, and Mary Jane is clearly jealous of the success of her boyfriend, who no longer does much to support her. We would have preferred her to die eventually instead of Gwen in TASM.

3. Chuck and Blair in Gossip Girl

Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf are the perfect example of the toxic couple that we can not help but adore. Chuck is a human shit and he shows it without shaking by attacking Jenny and Serena in the early seasons. Afterwards, he does a lot of horrible things like offering a night with Blair to his uncle to get his hotel back. For her part, Blair is not perfect either, as she is the queen of manipulation, and she spends her time spying on Chuck and making his life impossible. A good dysfunctional couple as we like them.

Cinderella and Prince Charming

Cinderella and Prince Charming are presented as the perfect couple, a true fairy tale love (and it is the case to say it ptdr compared to the fact that her godmother is a fairy). The problem is that the two main characters are downright hypocritical and only want to be together because Cinderella is beautiful and Charming is a prince. If the prince was really in love with Cinderella, why can he not even remember her face? There are many people who have to try on a shoe for all the women in the department, but to vaguely remember the face of the love of his life, there is no one left.

5. Jesse and Jane in Breaking Bad

When Jesse falls in love with breaking Bad, we’re all a little sore, but unfortunately the relationship he has with Jane is downright creepy. They both pull each other down and know full well that they will not be able to quit hard drugs if they stay together. Although it’s downright sad, we’re a little relieved when Jane dies in her vomit because Jesse has a chance to escape the worst.

6. Adam and Eric in sex education

We love Eric and we love Adam, but the two together are a little weird. As in many movies and series for teenagers, we find an unlikely duo formed by a character who does not yet dare to announce his homosexuality (mainly due to a toxic and homophobic family) and an overtly gay character who has a hard time accepting the hidden relationship. . They are sweet and we want it to work, but the relationship is doomed.

7. Bella and Edward in Twilight

Even now, it’s a little strange to imagine a relationship between a teenager and a vampire who has lived over 100 years, but it does not stop there. Edward does some creepy things like going into Bella’s bedroom while she sleeps, to watch her sleep. Bella is no better: is so in love with Edward that she plans to die instead of living without him (the drama queen). Finally, she agrees to become a vampire to spend eternity by his side, a good and stable relationship what.

8. Robin and Ted in How I Met Your Mother

Ted is a super good character, but no one with their right mind could hold him out as a friend, he’s way too boring. The guy spends his time moaning and being embedded in the couple by his best friends to the point that it gets embarrassing for everyone. When he starts dating Robin, we think it might work, but actually nothing. They do not have much in common and definitely do not want the same things in life. Fortunately, all is well that ends well in the last section. When Ted was able to have children with his dead wife and Robin was able to have a career, they believe they can end their days together. Sad.

9. Joker and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

We know that the Joker and Harley Quinn are villains and that they are deeply unstable, but that does not mean they should be bad to each other. IN Suicide Squad, Joker manipulates Harley Quinn according to his wishes and is totally violent towards her permanently. We love.

10. Mickey Milkovich and Ian Gallagher in Shameless

Mickey and Ian are the best characters in Shameless and a truly unique couple, but their relationship did not start as an adventure. Mickey is naturally violent and impulsive, and Ian has been kicking at it for years when he just wanted to be happy. Luckily, Mickey pulls himself together and is there for Ian in difficult times.

11. Anakin and Padme in Star Wars

Anakin and Padme are the main characters in Star Wars: Episode III and we see their relationship evolve as Anakin discovers the dark side of the force. Without realizing it, Anakin brings out the worst in Padme, and Padme fails to stop Anakin until it’s too late. Fortunately, she manages to protect her children from their not-so-nice father just before he dies.

12. Roger and Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Already now we are talking about a rabbit going out with a human without anyone having a problem. I find it moderately acceptable, but let’s move on. Roger Rabbit, who is still the rabbit, is in doubt about his wife’s fidelity, but instead of telling her about it, he decides to hire a private detective to spy on her. If it’s not a toxic relationship …

13. Troy and Gabriella in High School Musical

Troy and Gabriella are the absolutely unbearable high school star couple. We realize their couple is tumbling in the second movie with the song “Gotta Go My Own Way”: Gabriella announces to Troy that she wants to quit her summer job and think about their relationship, and Troy reacts as if she was talking to him about divorce . What I would not give to be able to slap these two beautiful and hateful teenagers …

14. Claire and Bender in The Breakfast Club

Bender is a criminal who reacts to teachers and harass students. Claire is the father’s girl who is chosen as the gall queen. Everything separates them, and yet they can not help but rummage around in front of the school. Throughout the film, Bender harasses Claire sexually, and when the latter pushes him away, he despises and insults her. Good foundation for a healthy relationship.

15. Donnie and Gretchen in Donnie Darko

Well, we’re talking about a guy who goes out with a girl in a parallel universe when he should be dead, no matter what the relationship is. (Yes, this is the worst summary of Donnie Darko found on this planet)

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