Toxic relationship: are you the cause?

Ghosting, prowling, stashing, ghostlighting … Today we put words to all kinds toxic love behavior. But a relationship is built by two, and it sometimes happens that one the relationship is toxic due to the behavior of the two persons. Although the blame can be placed on one of the two people in particular, have you ever wondered if you were the toxic element in your relationship? Here are several characters that allow you to identify the characters of one toxic relationship and let you know if the toxic element, it is you.

You have a superiority complex

think superior can be a sign of toxic behavior in a relationship. People who think they are superior will tend to ruin their romantic relationship as they think the other is inferior. Rolling your eyes, being sarcastic or even condescending towards your partner are signs of toxicity.

You are manipulative

Manipulating the other in a relationship is a big sign of toxicity! Lying to your partner is already one thing, but it’s pretty easy to switch to gas lighting. Instead of assuming your lies or your behavior beyond the limit, you blame the other, accuse him of being crazy or paranoid. That consequences of gas lighting are very dangerous for the victim, who finds himself dependent on his partner and subsequently will have difficulty rebuilding himself.

You do not trust yourself

You can make it look like you are confident while you are very insecure inside, but it will show in your relationships. And the best way to sabotage a romantic relationship is not to trust yourself or the other person and analyze everything. To overanalyze. By expecting rejection from the other, you end up pushing your partner away and even sabotaging the relationship. If this is your case, you actually need to get better shorten the ratio right from the start and to take the time to work on you. Surround yourself with people who love you and who values ​​you before you start a relationship that you want to ruin!

You threaten to break up

If you threaten to break up every time you quarrel, it’s clearly not a sign of a healthy relationship. Threatening to break will not solve your problems, and manipulate someone threatening him is a giga red flag. If you want to break up, then break up, period.

You get angry easily

If you easily climb towers, it can show toxic behavior. If you get upset by every remark, take everything the wrong way and call your partner’s name, maybe it’s time to think about your behavior andwork on you.

Your friends are becoming more and more rare

If, since you’ve been in a relationship, you spend less and less time with your friends, or even you have completely disappeared for them, this could be a sign of a toxic relationship! Take a step back and think about nurturing your relationships with your friends and family. Remember to look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are the problem!

You only think of yourself

Narcissists think only of themselves and feel no remorse when they hurt someone. It is therefore complicated for them to realize their behavior as they never question themselves. Therefore, the first step is to recognize your behavior before you find ways to change it.

You do not know what you want

Before entering into a new relationship with a person, it is important to know what you want and what you expect from this relationship. You can not exert yourself and invest yourself in a relationship and then walk away the next day. No one likes a breakup or being alone all the time, but you can not use another person depending on your mood. Even if you are unsure of your expectations, you should tell your partner so they know what to expect from you.

Your family and friends are a problem

Sometimes you may not be the only one exhibiting behavior poisonous. Your entourage can also play a role in your relationships and sabotage them. If those around you keep telling you that you can do better than your current partner, no matter what you think, you will end up believing in them as they are people you care about and who influence you. Try to get your partner and those around you to get along by arranging a meeting between them to avoid having to choose!

You do not solve problems and run away from conflicts

Life consists of ups and downs, and nothing is ever rosy but run from the conflict you do no services. If you avoid solving problems when they show up, they just get bigger and bigger until it explodes! Eventually, your partner will resent you because problems that could have been resolved in the first place turned into bouts of crying and screaming that could easily have been avoided. You need to put your discomfort aside and communicate with your partner.

You do not take responsibility for what you do

If all that’s wrong with your life is forever someone else’s fault, without a doubt: you are the toxic element in your relationship. To change that, put your ego aside and recognize your mistakesin which case your partner actually ends up leaving because no one wants a loose person.

You do not show your feelings

Whether you intend to or not, it is behavior not to show your loved ones that you love them poisonous as it will force them to put in again question the relationship and wonder how you feel about them.

You humiliate your partner and do not support them

In a relationship you have to support your partner and do not humble him. Whether it’s their looks, their libido, their careers, you can not put the other off you. Ask yourself how you would feel in his place! No one can be treated like that, especially not in a romantic relationship. Your role is always to be there for the other, whether it is yours love, family or friendship.

You put your partner at the end

If your partner is always the last to know when it’s happening something important in your life, then maybe you should not be with that person. If you truly love someone, you want to tell them every time something important happens in your life, it even is signs of a healthy relationship. If you do not, your partner will feel betrayed and that’s okay.

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