what happened to the suitors?

They triggered the social networks

Nathalie, the breeder of calves under the mother. His petty murderous convictions have given him numerous criticisms from Internet users and even a historic “reframing” of Karine Lemarchand during the assessment.

From November 16, the farmer received on his Instagram account support from his son and then from other women who paid tribute to her. ” natural side “. On December 30, it was the collective” Brisons Les Silences Osons “that came to her defense, in her past as the name of the abused woman. she back on the M6 ​​(like what, she’s not sorry) to attend the show “Tous en cuisine” with Cyril Lignac and then came on the front page of The echo of the peninsuladated January 15, together with his daughter, who ” Atypical farmer mother and daughter “.

Franck, the forester. After electing Anne-Lise, the French teacher, by ” comfort (she was ready to leave everything to him), he had finally regretted his choice and had done everything to get Cécile back. A weathercock behavior that had dissatisfied viewers, but which he justified on the Franck networks of October 6: ” You have to put it in context. I am a man who has never received a woman in his home. This situation was very difficult for me. Torn by conflicting emotions, I did not know what decision to make “.

Eventually he won back and then lost Cécile again. And it could have gone really wrong with Anne-Lise, whom he did not spare in his posts to such an extent that she in veiled terms threatened him to file a complaint if he continued. It seems to be calmer now. Frank no longer talks about Anne-Lise and starts writing. Anne-Lise has just asked her followers to favor her new post related to her ” writings, culture, literature or other engagement. »

They found love outside the camera

Paulette.The Swiss donkey breeder had seen one of his suitors in a dream. But in the end, her big love was not the sweet Dan, as she eventually surprised everyone by announcing that she was on her way back with her ex-husband, Jean-Paul. On January 12, he posed with his cat on his lap. On December 25, their two hands adorned with a wedding ring had already confirmed the reunion with a ” here is followed by four hearts. ” Thank you z’amis (es) we resumed where we had stopped for 20 years now … It’s another scene as beautiful as the first time. It was worth doing the show …

Vincent “the Provencal”. The horse breeder had chosen Natacha over Afsa … to finally find out she was too young for her. Criticized on the networks for this, he had finally presented his new companion, Justine, during the assessment. Since then, they still seem to be in love and plan to live together.

They take the opportunity to sell their goods

This is called beating two flies with one swipe! Not only did these couples find love, but they also changed their lives. As a result, they use their media exposure to convey messages.

Karine and Sebastian therefore, via Instagram, offered us the visit of the small village of Mirabel, but also the visit of Sébastien’s mother’s house, which is for sale. If anyone is interested …

The same for Stéphanie, who installed at Hervé le Picardis looking for a buyer for his old house in Ste-Gauburge / Ste-Colombe, in Orne.

Franck should not be surpassed as he has just announced that he will sell his ” beautiful little forest in Périgord which he can no longer take care of. ” Enthusiasts? he writes at the end of his post.

They spin the perfect love

Sebastian and Karine currently sending process mantras of ” return to themselves “. The proof that they feel calm? Their couple photos are still very touching for internet users who have followed the statement made by Karine, who was about to leave her Parisian apartment, and from December 31, she moved in.” finally »In the Ardèche with his beloved farmer.

Stephanie and Hervé le Picard regularly keep Internet users informed of their happiness on their insta account “Lepotdelait”. We learn that Stéphanie gave Hervé a great gift for his birthday, January 8: an electric toothbrush! That he hurried to try.

Vincent and Marie-Jeanne would always spin the perfect love according to Dauphinen of 27 December. Valentine and Charley also. As well as Mélanie and Jean-François.

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