when love and attachment are not reciprocated

It’s an understatement, but “firedooring” reflects a rather uncomfortable relationship as it is one-way. The technique of the fire door (translation of “firedooring”) illustrates manipulative seduction behavior. Not so easy to perceive, you may be a victim of it, or you probably have already been. So run away to keep your sanity. How do you agree to fall into this kind of relationship? And why ? Explanations.

Like a one-sided love

When the doors only open one way, it means something is wrong. The term “firedooring” translates into English a “fire door” through which nothing passes. it is one-sided relationships where one of the two partners clearly has a strong dominance over the other and decides to blow hot and cold on the couple. Basically, one can always run away and get back through the escape door, while the other remains trapped behind a door he / she cannot open. Practical in case of fire, but downright toxic in a relationship.

The “firedooré.e” partner is therefore included a constant waiting position. He.she waits to see the door open for a date or sometimes just to spend the night together. And these moments are rare, very rare. It’s like a one-sided relationship. He she gives and expects much of the relationship, but never gets anything back. At least that’s what the British media Metro describes. If the article is from 2017, it is phenomenon is (ak) still relevant. You have certainly already experienced or witnessed a relationship of this kind.

“After one or more successful dates, when you think you’re starting to build your relationship, your partner suddenly stops responding to your messages and seems to be joking. But a few days (or weeks) later, he turns around. back to you with a harmless little message, sometimes at a strange time, as if he had not ignored your previous messages.Suddenly he will see you again, immediately.If you on your part invest yourself fully in this serious relationship, on his part, your partner plays the draft, ”explains Theotokos

It never breaks, it always comes back

Think again, “firedooring” is different from the famous “ghosting”. The ghost decides to escape by playing dead. While the “fire door” does not break the couple with its silences and absences. He maintains the relationship sporadically, which interests him only to a small degree. He do it for the purpose of keep the person under the elbow. Then he fled on his toes and returned whenever he wanted. His regular return, even though he is episodic, is even worse than his absence sincethey maintain his or her partner in a sense of hope and a willingness to build.

One of the hallmarks of “firedooreur” is his way of returning to the other. Most of the time, it works with little alcoholic reminders late at night. Another red flag: he is a super caring friend when you are alone but when you encounter him in public he becomes evasive and distant. A real fool, in short.

Why do we go into this type of relationship?

If it is a recurring pattern in your relationships or a (dirty) story to forget, it may be beneficial to ask oneself how to get there. Better deal with the problem at the source immediately, instead of falling back into another toxic relationship. To begin with, as the editors of Metro remind us, people who are victims of fire doors often lack confidence.

They become so convinced that they do not deserve the one who makes them wait in vain. So with theirs excessive admiration for the other, they convince themselves that they will never be able to get more or better with someone else. And they stay on the wrong side of the door. To become aware of this love gap, we must detach ourselves from the words, and focus on the actions “fire doors”. Once the scam is discovered, lock your door and run.

And you, have you ever been “firedoored”? How did you get out of this toxic relationship? Come and share your experience with our readers on the forum Body optimists !

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