Worry-free wife laughs at her hard-working husband after he is hospitalized, they swap places

Alvin worked hard to support his family, but his wife, Debra, wasted all his money. After fainting at work, he made a decision that put Debra in a difficult situation. She had to work and sell her stuff to barely make ends meet. One day, she crosses Alvin again, which surprises her again.

Alvin and Debra got married when they were both in their 20s. He had two jobs and she was a waitress at a restaurant in Miami. Two years later, Debra became pregnant and quit her job to become a stay-at-home mom. Alvis liked the idea of ​​a traditional family and decided to work harder to support his family.

But when Debra gave birth to their second child, she got too tired and asked for a nanny. “I can not do this alone anymore. I know you work hard, honey, but raising children is hard work too. I never get a break,” she told him.

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Alvin did not want her to be unhappy, so they hired a full-time nanny. She worked from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and it was a gift for Debra. But since it was very expensive to hire a nanny, Alvin had to spend even more hours at work to be able to pay her. At one point, he worked 18 hours, six days a week, to support their family.

He thought the nanny would be temporary, but when he mentioned the possibility of letting her go, Debra cried until he agreed to keep her. It’s a nightmare for him, but things are only getting worse. His wife started dating some of her friends, one of whom had married a wealthy man and loved shopping. Debra pretended she had as much money as him and went shopping with her.

“We can not afford all that, Debra. It’s a designer handbag. You’ll have to choose between that bag and the nanny,” Alvin insisted one evening. Once again, Debra started crying.

“You have no idea what this means to me! I’m home all day, bored and lonely. My friends have been a comfort and I wanted that little bit of luxury for me. After all, I gave up my job to bring up “Our family. I gave you two children! How can you be so cruel?” she moaned, crying in their kitchen.

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Alvin did not want to quarrel and dropped out for the night. But Debra’s attitude only got worse. His shopping habits were financially unreasonable and he had had enough.

“Hi, Alvin, man. How are you?” his colleague, Joshua, once asked him. They were picking up boxes in a warehouse when Alvin staggered to his feet.

“Yes, I’m fine,” he replied, shaking his head to clear his head. But he was not well. He fainted on the spot with a large heavy box on his chest. Luckily, Joshua called an ambulance and the company covered the hospital bills and gave him some extra money.

The doctor said he was too stressed and needed time to relax. But how could he relax? When his wife spent all their money, he had to work even harder. It was there that he realized what was wrong with his life.

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“I can not take it anymore,” Alvin said to himself, alone in his hospital bed, for the nurse has not yet been able to communicate with Debra.

I’m leaving Debra. Do not look for me. Good luck.

Debra stared at the little letter her husband had left in their bed. She finally picked up the phone and went to the hospital. Alvin was calm and told the nurses he just wanted to sleep. But when she woke up in the morning, she discovered the letter on her side of the bed.

She got up quickly and went to the closet. Her clothes had disappeared along with a bag. “This can not happen,” Debra thought to herself as she fell to her knees. “NO!”

“Deb, you look awful. Maybe you should take a break,” Debra’s boss told her. She had been working as a waitress at a restaurant for several months since her husband left. She did not have time to take breaks. Alvin did not answer his call either, and there was no way to contact him outside of his Instagram. But he never responded to his private messages.

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During this time, their family was not feeling well. Of course, Debra had to find a job, fire a nanny, and find a solution now that she was a single mother of two. She had never realized how expensive their lifestyle had become. But even after reducing spending, they struggled to make ends meet.

Debra sold all her designs and that money helped a lot, but it was not enough. It was never enough. She only worked eight hours a day, but was on her feet all day. And now his boss had noticed it.

“No, I’m fine, Mrs Calahan. I’m sorry to worry,” she said to the elderly woman.

“Let me help you. I have a lawyer. You must sue for child support,” Ms. Calahan offered for the millionth time, it seemed.

“No, Mrs. Calahan. I can not,” said Debra, noticing her boss’s look. “No, it’s not my pride. I swear. It’s all my fault. I’ve been so selfish. So thoughtless. I can’t blame him for failing us. He’s worked so hard for years. Years, while “I wasted everything. Sometimes he worked 18 hours a day and I bought luxury bags that were worthless.”

“Yet it is not true,” Mrs. Calahan continued.

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“My family will have to put up with this. I’ve learned my lesson. Besides, only four months have passed and I think we already have a well-established routine. Our neighbor said she would take care of it for free. and I “Let’s finally learn how to manage our household budget. I’m fine without him. Do not worry about me, “Debra insisted before continuing her work.

Debra might have been brave in front of her boss, but she went home with bent shoulders. She did not blame Alvin and knew he had tried to tell her about his insane consumption, but she still wondered how he could have left them like that. She loved him. Their children needed their father, not the money.

“Hello,” a voice called her. It was him. It was Alvin. After four months without messages, without calls, without answers. But Debra knew exactly what he was doing, because he was constantly writing on Instagram. He had traveled all over the country. He would go to the beach and eat delicious food with his friends.

Debra looked at him and she was crying. But decided not to. “What are you doing here?” she asked, walking faster toward her house.

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“I’m here with our official divorce papers,” Alvin said evenly.

“Oh … ok,” Debra replied slowly, reaching for the envelope he handed her.

“I’m going to pay you child support. I was not going to leave our children stranded forever. But I needed you to learn a little about what I’ve been through the last few years. I’ve worked tirelessly for someone. “one who did not appreciate it enough. “I even fainted and was taken to the hospital, but they could not contact you for hours,” Alvin said. That was when Debra’s tears finally flowed.

“Alvin, I’m so sorry. But you should have talked to me,” she said softly.

“Maybe, but I took this path. Although I have to apologize for what I did. I realized after a while that it was wrong to leave without a word, and that’s why I’m here for to fix things.Our separation must be official and I will take responsibility for you and our children.I’m sorry you had to work so hard and thought I would not return.No matter what, look in the papers , hire a lawyer, then we will find a solution about the children’s co-parents, “he continued, starting to turn to his car.

“There’s no way out between us too? I still love you, Alvin,” Debra said. He stopped but did not turn around.

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“No. We can not. I can not go back to that. We are being civilized for the children, but it is,” he finally said as he got into his car.

Debra eventually called a lawyer and found out. Now that Alvin paid child support, she no longer had to work so hard. But she kept doing it and accumulated some savings.

Years later, Alvin married another woman, and Debra met a new man. They both got on with their lives, but Debra always wondered what she could have done if she had not behaved so bossy and manipulative.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Appreciate what your partner does for you and your family. Being a stay-at-home mom is hard work, but Debra took advantage of her husband’s generosity and went too far.
  • Do not burn out at work. You have to work to live, not live to work. Alvin understood this and made a drastic decision, but it should not have come to this.
  • Leaving his family is never acceptable. Alvin realized it was wrong to go without saying anything and he came back to apologize and sort things out with Debra and the kids.

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