4 seasons of Black Love – Still fresh on the hunt for a true union?

Still Fresh – Black Love – 4 Seasons – © Fasmer

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The stone cracks. His heart is liberated by the sincerity he has with himself, his experiences, and his knowledge of man, which allows a glimpse of the light. It takes patience to really get to know the loved one and preferably without “Makeup” (unpublished title name). In the digital age, artists are adapting to the new codes of the music industry to share their art with their audiences while living up to their loyalty. Bet won for this singer by the label ” New school »Who sing with such unique tones in very varied rhythms, often dancing. He brought a freshness to today’s urban music. Through this interview, Still Fresh reveals himself by giving us his personal and professional representation of his art.

What do you mean by the concept of “Black Love”?

These 4 Eps are my way of giving my vision of our human relationships as I see them, realistic, neither too nihilistic nor too idealistic. There are more positive tracks and others darker.

“I’m no better or worse than anyone else. I’m the fruit of this era. To go beyond appearance is the only key left. announcement.”

Are you more of a fleeting relationship or more focused on a serious relationship?

I’m more serious relationship, it remains the base. Everyone wants to end up with someone who matches them. You need to find the right person. Love is beautiful, but there are many parameters to consider.

At the humanity level, are you more optimistic or pessimistic?

Pretty realistic, neither positive nor negative. Accept the good and the bad in people. From a person I can expect good from him as I can expect some mistakes. It’s human, that’s how it is. The trick is to adapt to the individual and to be around people who can bring you something positive in our lives. On the scale of humanity, I would say it goes to the balls. I think it’s cyclical. There have already been times more prosperous and more peaceful than others. With the Internet, there are opportunities to do beautiful things, create new solidarity and humanitarian alternatives.

What is the essential point that for you allows success in a romantic relationship?

When a guy is not present enough or he has his secret garden, it creates misunderstandings. We do not have the same way of expressing our love. In addition, we will be defined by what we want to show, what we want to represent in this society, and obscure who we really are. When in fact only material remains. I’m no better or worse than anyone else. I am the fruit of this era. To go beyond appearance is the only key communication.

“There’s always a rap glow in the way I get to dress the tracks.”

Still Fresh – Black Love – 4 Seasons – © Fasmer

Do you feel alone surrounded? Or maybe you have developed a loneliness over time, by connecting or removing relationships?

I’m often in my bubble. When I was little, I often stayed home to meet. At the time, I was listening, I was writing sounds and even drawing manga. Today, I still have this habit. It allows me to reflect on the music. When I am surrounded, I will not speak for a long time. I’m totally in my bubble because I think a lot. I’m a pretty introverted guy. I’m not the person who will try to put me forward in the play’s attraction. I became an artist out of love for music. There are still nice things where you play the game while you are yourself.

Your sounds express a relational mix with women and the street. Artistically, do you define yourself more rap, more RnB or even Dance-Hall?

I have a pretty broad style. All three can define me. I’m more into dance-hall, RnB mode. There’s always a rap tinge to the way I want to dress the tracks. The words are not magical, but very down to earth. The three define me quite well, but to varying degrees depending on the track. In a general sense, a good sound remains a good sound as long as it touches where it is supposed to have an effect. As long as it is good, regardless of form, it is the quality and feeling that prevails.

“It’s not like 1998 anymore, waiting for a new album you had to hang on to. An arsenic or a maniac you really learned to love the album by bumping into it.”

Who are the artists that inspire you?

My favorite artist is Lil Wayne because he used all the tools he had on hand without setting up barriers. I really like Drake and 2Pac. The latter was by his personality uncompromising and followed his conviction 100%. Currently, I listen a lot to Aaliyah’s first album “Age ain’t nothing but a number” and Mafia K’1 Fry album. I was serious about all the albums of each member. They brought a “Caillera” but uninhibited side of rap, in quiet mode, with ease. In Afro artists, Nigerian Omah Lay and Fireboy and Malian Iba One and Tal B. In addition to urban music, I bled Beattles, Jimmy Hendrix, Metallica, Miles Davis, Ray Charles and Nina Simone. Disney music inspires me a lot for its beautiful melodies.

Still Fresh – Black Love – 4 Seasons – © Fasmer

What is your assessment after more than 10 years of career?

A great development both artistically and in the management of my career. We have all gained ground by learning a lot of things. I am proud of what we have been able to achieve with my team. I was able to structure my artistic personality. Every positive or negative experience has allowed us to jump back, go in the right direction that makes us love the most. That is a positive result as we are still here.

In what ways have your competencies been expanded within your area of ​​activity?

Everything related to reflection, communication and strategy. How I want to present myself to my audience. How should I communicate or not at the request of social networks. That we are independent means that one must have an opinion about all stages: the order of the songs, the clips we have to publish, deadlines, etc. I am an artist and project manager at the same time. I have a much less withdrawn vision of my music. An artist’s career is music and many other things. I made myself realize that there are many elements to consider: music, promotion, radio appearances or not and to develop a real relationship with your fanbase.

How have you adapted to today’s music market?

In terms of digital music, I shop for what’s best for me. Delivering five titles every three months is the most advantageous. This makes it possible to release as many sounds during the year as an album released in a timely manner. We can not blame the public for quickly moving on to something else, as there is always something new. It’s no longer like 1998, while waiting for a new album, one had to hold on. An arsenic or a maniac you really learned to love the album by bumping into it.

“I sometimes use an hourglass. After 1.30 the sound should be over.”

Still Fresh – Black Love – 4 Seasons – © Fasmer

Do you have projects in France or Mali?

I could contribute to the production of a project from A to Z for another artist. I have acquired all the skills to perform my role, having done it countless times on my projects: writing, mixing, mastering, checking deadlines, dates and clips. It remains a great commitment to work for an artist. If I get seduced, there is a natural feeling with the person and everything tells us that we have to work together, we do the project together. It would be seriously interesting both in France and in Mali as there are many artists who deserve to have a good spotlight. As soon as I have the weapons to be able to do that, we will go after it, me and my team. Managing your own career is already a path to the cross because there are unforeseen events every day. It’s as if my life as an artist is training me for my next life as a producer, if I have to have one.

“Good music does not depend on sales, otherwise the chessboard would be different.”

What is your working method in the studio?

For productions, they are performed on site Biggi Jo which I mostly work with. I have a mood at the moment and I am setting a direction with my producer. I want to write at the same time as the instrumental is created. Gradually I adapt my words to the instrument, or in the opposite direction Biggi will adjust by inserting certain elements to highlight me more. It really is a parallel journey. We even challenge ourselves on who comes first. I sometimes use an hourglass. After 1:30 the sound should be finished. When there is another adrenaline rush, there is another way to create. It’s like a big lab. We test a lot of things without setting boundaries and allowing ourselves to get out of our comfort zone.

How is your collaboration arranged?

It really happens after feeling. It does not matter if you can sell a million CDs or if you have not even released a sound, if you make good music, then let’s go, let’s go. Today, music is a wealth of parameters. Good music does not depend on sales, otherwise the chessboard would be different.

Still Fresh – Black Love – 4 Seasons – © Fasmer

Who are the people behind your clips?

I have the Augure de Lyon team, Oliver and Jason, for the production and instruction of the clips. They have a very aesthetic vision, which remains simple but with personality. I work with them on most of my clips to create visual coherence. Without having verbalized it, people in the feedback I get feel an increasingly assertive identity in my clips.

What do you want us to remember from the 4 seasons of “Black Love”?

Each appearance has its meaning through our own experiences. As long as the listener feels the feeling, no matter what the feeling and what results in something for him / her after listening, my goal has been reached.

Discover or rediscover Still healthy stroll, dance or just sit with your face out towards the horizon. Confirmed artist and constantly looking for new sounds to experiment with, he is as comfortable solo as with his guests as lusket, the artist, Jahyanai Where FEW and does not hesitate to highlight new artists as baby, Bolemvn or the crew CG6 (Captain Bande 6). Two new singles are available Lipstick, confidence and the unprecedented makeup on all streaming platforms. The 4 seasons of “Black Love” are perfect to cheer you up with the beautiful days to come. Below you will find the clips from the 4 seasons including the clip makeup to close Black love. Best of luck to all.

Make Up – Still Fresh – Black Love 4 Seasons © Still healthy

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