A social committee for employment set up in the Gibjoncs in Bourges to pilot the Territory project zero long-term unemployed

The Local Committee on Employment (CLE) for the Bourges area was inaugurated on Friday in the room of all Gibjoncs in the presence of Irène Félix, chairwoman (DVG) of the Bourges Plus community, and Jacques Fleury, president (LR) of the Cher branch council.

The Department of Cher and the Agglo, together with the city of Bourges and the state, are the main actors in the project Territory with zero long-term unemployment launched in the Gibjoncs district, which CLE will now manage.

On behalf of Agglo Bourges Plus, which officially carries out this project, Irène Félix first of all made it clear that this local committee for employment, the “project governing body”, embodies “a large local consensus”.

Local authorities and numerous integration and solidarity associations

To testify to this, around her were representatives of many organizations, public and associations, all of which are involved in this innovative experiment.

These include the Municipal Center for Social Action (CCAS), Bourges Agglo Services, Prometheus Cher, the local mission, Cher Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Gehdif, Secours Catholique, Secours Populaire, Relais, Collective of Mothers, Entraide berruyère, France Loire and Val de Berry social landlords, Tivoli initiatives, reception and promotion, Restos du cœur and many other …

Marie-Laure Subtil, project manager at Agglo, was invited to present the project, close and complex, of the territory without long-term unemployed for Gibjoncs, with delimiting the territory. “We would have liked to have been bigger,” she explained, but we worked within the very specific, very strict framework of the National Association Territory Zero Long-Term Unemployed (TZCLD)

. The contours of our territory therefore correspond to the contours of the Gibjoncs district, bounded by the main axes, which are rue Charles-de-Gaulle, avenue du Maréchal-Juin, route de Saint-Michel, rue Gaston-Berger and de Turly, route r La Charité, Choppe Road, Pierre-Sémard Avenue … ”

A perimeter within which the marsh is included, “maximum their surface without dwellings,” it was specified. Within this perimeter, around 400 people would have reported to the actors in the project “to return to employment”. “These are either people who are permanently unemployed or part-time workers who want to work full time,” Ms Subtil stressed. All of them have skills, have know-how that is often not recognized by diplomas. The purpose of the CLE, which will work organized in commissions, is initially to identify and meet everyone. »

Do not destroy anything that already exists

Then employment-oriented enterprises (EEC) should be set up. Based on useful work defined here and there in the district, they will produce jobs “that will not destroy anything that already exists”. Jobs in the social and solidarity-based economy in the recycling and solidarity sectors (groceries, garages, etc.), how much, if not all, needs to be done.

“Employment is a right, asked the initiators of TZCLD projects. And to fight social isolation, there is nothing more effective than work.” The proof itself. And on earth, it should motivate.

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