A woman stole money from her daughter for 5 years

An 18-year-old girl believed her mother owed her thousands of dollars. When she asked her mother to return the money, she refused.

The girl had inherited $ 125,000 from her grandfather and later realized that her mother owed her almost the same amount. She needed the money to afford her dream school.

However, it took a completely different turn when she told her mother about the money. It looked like she was going to take the legal route and sue her.

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The girl explained that she had a complicated relationship with her parents, which worsened as she grew up. Inheriting her grandfather’s money further strained her relationship with her mother. She explained:

“When I was trying to get the money transferred to my school savings, I ran into a problem. My mother.”

If OP wanted the money to study at his dream university, his mother had other plans in mind. In fact, she expected OP to repay the money she had spent on her over the years.

OP’s mother expected her to pay her for everything she had done for her | Source: Unsplash

So when OP asked her mother to transfer the inheritance money to his account, she refused. She said the money was hers because of everything she had done for her in the past.

At first, his mother was confused, but she started screaming when Op revealed the total.

OP confessed that his mother always stole money from his room. She had broken into her safe and was collecting the money that OP earned by participating in various sports competitions.

“Throughout my life, she has come into my room and stolen all the money I had, and even destroyed the safe my grandfather bought for me.”

OP’s mother broke open the safe and stole his money | Source: Unsplash

OP felt helpless and waited a few days before talking to her mother again. Meanwhile, she figured out how much her mother owed her. She revealed how she did it:

“When I was 13, I decided to write down all the money I had made in a notebook.”

After putting all the money together, OP realized that his mother had previously stolen nearly $ 125,000 from him. And in total, she owed OP $ 250,000 including the money OP inherited from his grandfather.

OP calculated how much money his mother owed him | Source: Pexel

Evidence in hand the young girl went to her mother’s room to tell her about the money she owes her. At first, her mother was confused, but she started screaming when OP revealed the total amount to her. She explained:

“She started screaming that it was all hers since she had spent more than that on my medical bills.”

The young girl remained patient and asked her mother why she did not do the same with her siblings. Her mother therefore replied that OP was responsible for paying her back because she was the eldest.

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Before talking to her mother, OP had copied everything to a file on her computer because she knew how her mother would react. She remembered:

“When she took my notebook and my papers to destroy them, I just added to the total amount what the notebook, folder and papers had cost.”

The next day, OP sent an email to her mother asking her to pay, otherwise she would go the legal route. She threatened to sue her for the money she stole from him.

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But after careful consideration, she felt she had gone too far. She then decided to turn to Reddit to ask other users if she had done the right thing.

Kris82868 assured OP that she was not to blame. “Paying for a 4-year-old’s medical needs is what a parent has to do and a duty,” she explained:

OP admitted that she was brought up to believe that children should pay their parents back when they grow up. But later in life, she ended up believing that she could not pay them back due to persistent problems.

OP believed that children should pay their parents back when they became adults | Source: Unsplash

Meanwhile, another Redditrice admitted that if she was OP, she would open another account in her name so her mother could not take advantage of her money. SunnyBunnyHopHop also suggested:

“You should have a lawyer review all the information and discuss your options.”

In OP’s mail update, she revealed that her father helped her get her money back. She opened a separate bank account and got rid of them in her mother’s name.

OP had opened a separate bank account for itself | Source: Unsplash

She also told that her mother admitted that her other siblings do not have the same father as her. His mother was in fact unfaithful to her husband and had five children from her extramarital affair. “So now she’s facing a lawsuit, potential criminal charges and a divorce,” she revealed.

OP thanked everyone for their suggestions while hoping his father would have full custody of his children. She admitted that discussing her issue with other Redditors has been very helpful to her.

OP thanked other Redditors for helping her Source: Unsplash

If you were OP, what would you have done in this situation?

OP wanted to claim what is hers and decided to sue her mother and asked her father for help. If you were an OP, what actions would you take then? Do you want to drop the debt, try to benefit your mother or take her to court?

Do you think parents should expect their children to reimburse them for what they have spent on them?

OP’s mother expected to be reimbursed for the medical expenses she had spent on her in her childhood. Many Redditors believe that OP has no obligation to do this because parents should take care of their children without expecting anything in return. OP grew up believing this was the norm, especially when she was the oldest. What do you think about this question?

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