Accidental death of the white tiger cub in Touroparc zoo

It is sad in the Touroparc Zoo in the Romanèche-Thorins (Saône-et-Loire). The team has just announced the death of the little white tiger by accident, only two months old. The kid was strangled during his meal and the guards could do nothing to save him.

After his surprising birth on August 8, the white tiger cub in Touroparc Zoo was a delight to the zoo and its visitors. The young feline sadly died on Sunday, October 10, late in the day, he was strangled while eating and could not be resuscitated.

The whole business is painful, it’s a tragedy.

Thomas Gervais, director of Touroparc Zoo

In good health

There is amazement and sadness at the Touroparc Zoo in Saône-et-Loire. On September 8, Tigreau had received a medical examination a month after his birth and was in good health. It was on this date that the park announced the male sex of this little white Bengal tiger.

A wrong way

The two-month-old baby, who was still being breastfed by Tina, his mother, had just started eating meat. While his mother ate lunch, the tiger cub, as usual, took a piece of meat, which unfortunately went wrong in the throat. “He was placed between his mother’s paws for feeding, as she used to. She taught him the different codes to get to the weaning phase. He made a fake swallow “explains the director.

When the trainers saw that he was about to suffocate, they tried everything to save the young cat. “The intervention time was very fast as our veterinary team was on site. The time to separate the little one from his mother, they tried to revive him for ten minutes, but in vain“, Clarifies Thomas Gervais.

But they could not save him and noticed his death in the late afternoon. Monday morning, the vet confirmed the unintended death by suffocation.

A surprising birth

Born on 8 August around 5.30 pm, the baby weighed 1,950 kg. At the time, it was a surprise birth, as the animal keepers were not aware of Tina’s pregnancy. They simply spotted the little tiger that had already been born and was lying next to the tiger. They then find out that he is viable and feeling well.

One she had not had a litter since 2014. “There were no signs of pregnancy, nor did her age suggest she could give birth again. “The female hid this future birth. The absence of contraction and weight gain did not announce this arrival.Then explained the park teams Hannen Randir, who died on June 7, must have fertilized the female a few days earlier.

The female therefore remains alone in her enclosure, which makes the teams and the cat’s godmother sad. “The focus is now entirely on Tina. This benefits from increased monitoring by the coaches and veterinary team. The Touroparc family and the tiger’s godmother, Elisabeth Roblot, Vice-President of the 71st branch council responsible for tourism and the attractiveness of the territory, have a deep feeling for all the visitors who have seen the little one develop in recent weeks and who were attached to this young man. we can read on the zoo’s instagram.

Tina has already lost her buddy Rendir in June and there her baby. Our team is with her every hour.

Thomas Gervais, director of Touroparc Zoo

Rare, but not impossible

If this kind of accident remains rare, it can still happen, and this in the natural environment, as in captivity. A death therefore all the more cruel as his birth was unusual, last August.

He was a true ambassador, this Tigreau.

Thomas Gervais, director of Touroparc Zoo

The white Bengal tiger is a species in itself. And a real zoological curiosity. With his white coat with black stripes and his blue eyes (the result of a genetic anomaly) he does not go unnoticed. According to Touroparc, the animal is in danger: there are only a dozen specimens left in the wild and 600 in captivity in Europe, all descended from one and the same pair.

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