Around Deauville, women give their idea of ​​the day on March 8th

Women’s Rights Day has received more people from the Trouville-sur-Mer and Deauville (Calvados) region. (© The Pays d’Auge)

Officially in 1977 by the UN, this day covers several events around the world with the aim of celebrating progress in the field of women’s rights. What do the women living in the Trouville-sur-Mer and Deauville (Calvados) region think?

Sophie Dancourt

Journalist and press editor, founder of the digital media “J’ai Piscine Avec Simone” dedicated to the active generation of women over 45.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, established in 1977. A day of action, advocacy and mobilization dedicated to the struggle for equality and justice. A hell of a challenge that pops up once a year. A very short day to embrace gender inequalities across the planet who, thank you for them, are doing well!
The pay gap that creates insecurity among women of retirement age is shaped from the very first steps in professional life, and even today many voices are raised to say “but not in France, women’s rights are fine”, and the gaze is elsewhere towards countries with an autocratic regime that enslaves women.
So what do you want to do on this short day? Let us make sure that it does not remain an opportunity for a good conscience that is forgotten the next day.
March 8 all year round
International Women’s Day is still on the calendar for 2022. And that’s not good news. March 8, dedicated to the struggles for equality, is the hour for a balance that is still in deficit for women. A challenge day to point out gender inequalities across the globe that, thank you to them, are doing well!
Today, voices still whisper “but women’s rights in France are not doing well” and all eyes are on countries with authoritarian regimes.
On closer inspection, pay gaps remain, the source of all discrimination, and build up the precarious situation of women at the time of retirement, amplified by a longer life expectancy than men.
“It’s Women’s Day, I’m taking mine to a restaurant!” “is a shortcut to forget, let’s prefer equality for the benefit of all”.

Virginie Guerriche

Business manager, she created the Espadrille de Deauville.

“Women’s Rights Day pays tribute to the struggle for the social and political recognition of women.
Admittedly, one day is not enough, but it still makes it possible to put equality between women and men back at the center of the political debate.
With the release of women’s voices, it is important to make sense of this day, and it is an opportunity to recall the daily struggles against violence against women, the pay gap and the low representation of women in positions of responsibility.
“Daily match”
Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, it is still a daily struggle to be recognized, listened to and deal with jealousy and other mockery. Before I became an entrepreneur, I experienced all these inequalities, lower pay for equal work, extra working day in the branch where I worked (director of the casino sector). Hence this desire for independence to assert myself more.
In my opinion, the key to success remains above all self-confidence and an unshakable will ”.

Lydia Guirous

Essayist and political columnist.

“Today, more than ever, Women’s Day is gaining special significance because of the war. I would like to honor all these Ukrainian women, all these mothers, whose husbands have traveled to fight, and who are alone with their children, under the bombs, often without water and without food, for fear of tomorrow … often stopped they their professional lives to protect their family, but they continue to fight in their own way by providing logistical reinforcements and supplies to the soldiers.
We know this female role, we saw it during the two world wars … and we thought we would not see it again in Europe. Today, however, the dirty animal that is at war has reappeared without warning. I think of them and their enormous courage. I am also thinking of Afghan women since the return of the Taliban, who are humiliated and beaten or even killed by Islamism every day: a ban on performing on the streets without a burqa, a ban on working, a ban on studying or simply going to school for young girls, ban on access to contraception … families even manage to sell their 9-year-old girl for marriage for a hundred dollars to save the rest of the family.
I also think of Yemeni women. Three weeks ago, a model was thrown in jail because she had been photographed without a veil … While removing the veil, women here in Europe are sometimes exposed to threats of physical and psychological violence, elsewhere it is imprisonment or death. ..
More than ever, let’s take off our blinders as little Westerners bathed in material comfort and peace and think of all the women who struggle every day and die in the world … this will put into perspective the great collective folly that feminism has been in sinks for years with the “eel”, clitoris and the predator white male, among others …! »

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Sophie Lucbernet

Press correspondent and volunteer at La Croix Rouge.

“For me, the woman is half of the man, in the sense that she represents 50% of humanity.
Unfortunately, today she does not have the same rights as men in many countries, and if there is better one place, the condition of women is on the way back elsewhere.
So yes, Women’s Day is important. Halfway through, I was born a girl. Being born in France in the mid-sixties is a gift. And to be honest, I do not think my life would have been very different if I had been a man. My experience as a woman just allows me to understand all the things we have to act against, because if the condition of women is better, the world will get better. On this Women’s Day, we must honor those who have contributed to a better life and help all those who need it.

Lucie Hodiesne

Photographer from Villers-sur-Mer.

“In my eyes, World Women’s Rights Day still represents a long way to go, and a struggle that we must not give up in order to bring sustainability and serenity to future generations.
Somehow I say to myself that the day when we will no longer need a women’s day to defend our rights, it will have succeeded.
Nor is it a one-day match. It is a mobilization that must be carried out frontally every day. Raise awareness about gender-based violence, physical and psychological violence to prevent it from happening again. Pull weeds before growing.
It also means supporting broken women in their psychological reconstruction and restoring their confidence in the society in which they live.
It is also to make people accept the idea that we are all human and that humanism must prevail over a certain form of discrimination and patriarchy, and therefore accept the rights of all. »

Jeannine Outin

President of the active pensioners’ association in Trouville-sur-Mer

“For me, Women’s Day has never been a real topic.
Of a sibling of 9 children including 7 girls, it was rather there that it was necessary to make its place. The less happy memories are here for sure.
In my life as a woman, as a mother, I have never felt machismo.
With an athlete, I rubbed myself a lot with this virile environment where I have never suffered from overcrowding, no more in my professional life, my career as an elected official or the friendly environment. You also need to know how to stay in your place!
I do not live in a macho or violent context, but I remain very sensitive and aware of the excesses that many women experience. »

Caroline Ensergueix

Blonville-sur-Mer municipal councilor and creator of Appart.

“I remember the answer from a teenager from Appart (Association for Teenagers in Blonville-sur-Mer, editor’s note) to my question” Do you think women’s rights are acquired in France? “:” Well yes, we are not afraid of anything! “.
Then we went to the UN in February 2020 with Nicole Ameline to discuss with NGOs, CEDAW experts and listen to the consultation of the Afghan delegation, which promised to make an effort for women’s rights. This had aroused hope in the room.
One and a half years later, the arrival of the Taliban in power showed us the fragility of the results by making us realize that when it comes to women’s rights, there should never be security, not even in democratic countries. Women’s Day is a reminder to mobilize ourselves every day.
Vigilance to be performed with men and transmitted jointly to our children.
A duty of remembrance for our mothers, our grandmothers and all those who fought for our freedom by constantly reminding our younger generations to be careful and committed. »

Carole Babin Chevaye

Author and facilitator.

“At the time of Ukraine and a possible 3rd world conflict, by the latest IPCC report, which has never been so alarming, about these famines, floods, migrations all over the planet, what does this International Women’s Day mean? What can this dedicated day mean for me when there’s 364 left in the year … dedicated to men?
I already see in it the annual incentive that we deprive ourselves of half of humanity in order to create lasting peace, share resources between all, educate ourselves to take care of ourselves, others and the Earth. I also see it as a reminder that nothing will change decisively if men and women do not form an alliance, 365 days a year, between the living, with the living. Finally, I only see a recurring date dulled by too many celebrations without conviction or much meaning… shocked that this day must still exist ”.

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