“Audrey Lamy, she has in her drama, social comedy”

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Louis-Julien Petit, accustomed to Figrot (International Groland Film Festival), came to present his new film. “Troop”. The film, which will be released in cinemas on Wednesday, March 23, traces a woman’s journey at the crossroads and the journey of foreign unaccompanied minors.

In “The Brigade”, which was released in cinemas on Wednesday, Cathy (Audrey Lamy), in her forties, and who had always dreamed of running her own restaurant, sees herself forced to accept a job as a canteen manager in a home for young people migrants. A job that will reveal many things to him … Explanations from Louis-Julien Petit, the director of the film.

After “Discount” (2013) and “Les Invisibles” (2019), did you want a different screenplay?

Louis Julien Petit : I wanted to work on the field for a woman like Catherine Grosjean, this female chef from Treignac in the southwest, who teaches young migrants. These are young people who came to France to start their lives and to learn, to get into the education system. And on the other hand, there are shortage sectors like agriculture and catering, so I would put my camera in the middle to try to make a connection between the two worlds, with humor. And we even activated a phone number to make things easier, what we see in the movie (07 49 79 49 61), which is a bottle thrown into the sea by the character Audrey Lamy (Cathy-Marie), which actually exists and which was donated to MFR (Rural Family House). He will be able to create an interface between these young people who want to learn and the sectors that are missing.

Can we establish the parallel between preparing a pretty good one and preparing a movie well by mixing the personalities of all the strong characters?

That’s it, it’s like a good meal! In fact, I did not want there to be a single personality that was the same, because otherwise the casting would not be a success, two personalities that are similar to each other, neither one nor the other can be seen. I was the assistant director on two films, so I had already met François Cluzet, and he had called me when he had seen Les Invisibles, which is quite rare for an actor of this caliber, and an acting period! Chantal Neuwirth has not changed since the films filmed with Chéreau as “Those Who Love Me Will Take the Train”, and when she arrived she was the same, it was obvious to have her in the cast. As for Fatouh Kama, as we saw last season of the “Validés” series, she is so sunny and fair that she takes us into her world! I’m very proud of her, she makes people laugh, she’s fair, she’s true.

And for Audrey Lamy?

I would definitely work on the character beforehand, so it’s for sure that I and Audrey had the impression that it was not over after “Les Invisibles”. It’s a Stradivarius that has this genre, this “dramedy”, this social comedy. She can make you laugh just as much as move you without overplaying. I thought of her, but I did not write to her. She was the first actress I had read the script for, and when she said yes after four days, I said to her: “There’s going to be a lot of work, whether it’s in the technicalities of the kitchen, in the search for this character. , which is extremely referenced in the “captivating” genre as Erin Brokovitch or Deloris Van Cartier in “Sister Act.” And yet she should be popular without being vulgar, authentic without being boring, racist, he should be demanding without being evil or without telling himself and we had to give her something real that we feel her in, we understand her and at the same time tell ourselves that she has character.

It is full of contradictions …

Yes, she’s alone, but she wants everything, she’s demanding, she wants to be a chef, but she may not have the capacity. In any case, this story will allow this character to stop, listen to others, and calm down, as one has to do when standing at a crossroads, and one wants to realize his dream and one cannot do it.

“The Brigade” by Louis-Julien Petit with Audrey Lamy, François Cluzet, Chantal Neuwirth, currently in theaters

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