City of Montreal | Opération patrimoine Montréal: seven main prizes for love and protection of Montréal

Montreal’s rich history and its neighborhoods are written in the present and draw on the strength of a heritage that reflects its population: open, diverse, trendy. The City of Montreal, the Héritage Montréal and the Ministry of Culture and Communications highlight the contribution of citizens and organizations promoting this wealth, with the awarding of the Grand Prix de l’Opération patrimoine Montréal. Here is the jury’s choice.

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Beware: 3902 Berri Street

This category is intended for owners who have paid particular attention to the preservation, maintenance or restoration of cultural heritage elements in their dwelling.

The winning house is at the end of an iconic group of identical buildings. The jury highlights the interventions and remodeling work of upgrading the doors, windows, roof of the slate balcony, moldings and towers. He mentions the support from the blind balcony and the wooden doors, admirably reproduced.

Mention Beware

The jury awarded this mention to 4432, avenue de Mentana, for the restoration of its facade, which gave it its original splendor from the 20th century.

Bring life back

Two prizes draw: Maison Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine and Verdun Auditorium

Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes in collaboration with Beaupré Michaud et Associés, Architectes received a Grand Prize for his achievements in the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine House, inhabited by the first French-speaking Prime Minister of Canada East. Built around 1845, it witnessed significant events in our history, including the Montreal Riots (1849). The jury emphasizes its preservation after decades of abandonment.

For their intervention in the Verdun Auditorium, FABG architects won a grand prize for their approach to the preservation of the building and interior elements. Among the number: the wooden seats, the terrazzo and the coat of arms of the hall. More details in the Auditorium are compelling examples of the 1930s Montreal Art Deco style.

Expertise: Gina Garcia (1968-2022)

This category highlights the mastery and transmission of a traditional practice.

Gina Garcia receives the main prize. His training and techniques, learned in Europe and Canada, have instilled in him knowledge of the methods and materials of the period used in the manufacture of architectural elements and finishes: ceramics, wood, stone, painted canvas mounted or coated with lime. The jury emphasizes its scientific approach and the application of its expertise in the valorization of a diversity of significant heritage materials for Montreal.

Mention Know-how

The jury pays tribute to the work of two talented women. Annick Fleury, a technician in the restoration of decorative paintings, and Isabelle Leclerc, a specialist in decorative art, heritage restoration and the development of creative projects, received this honor.


Two ex aequo prizes: Familyx products and Kitsch QC

Familex products: from the factory to your doorstep is an exhibition presented in 2021 at the Écomusée du fier monde. It displayed artifacts, archives and several related activities related to this business that marked the industrial landscape of Center-Sud.

The book Kitsch QC is an entry into a world of restaurants and lounges. These immersive places with exotic and exotic decor, to which the notion of kitsch has been added to characterize them, have made the beautiful days and the beautiful nights of a certain era.

The jury awards a Grand Prize ex aequo for this publication by Roxanne Arsenault and Caroline Dubuc as well as for the exhibition Familyx products.

Shops together: Shā Tān square

This category is for any group that has contributed to showcasing a place or area of ​​interest in the city.

The main prize is awarded to Shā Tān Public Square, a project to revitalize vacant space at the intersection of Saint-Laurent and René-Lévesque boulevards.

The site, which had been abandoned for several years, received intervention from the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership (PQDS), which commissioned La Pépinière to develop the space.

The jury highlights the involvement and improvement of the vacant lot and that of a community that has been through difficult times due to the pandemic and the pressure on real estate in Chinatown.

Keep an eye out for the launch of the 2022 edition of the Opération patrimoine Montréal Grand Prix competition in April next year on the Opération patrimoine Montréal website.

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