Here are the Albanian candidates for parliament in the canton of Vaud

The parliamentary elections in the canton of Vaud will be held on March 20, 2022 and will bring together several Albanian candidates. Who are they and what sets them apart?

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Albanians have been involved in legislative and cantonal elections in Switzerland for a long time. They come from different fields and offer different opinions and political ideologies and thus represent different parties.

Elections to the parliament of the canton of Vaud are approaching. They will be held on March 20, 2022, and some Albanian candidates will present themselves there. But who are they and what sets them apart?

To know the parties they represent, what separates them or, on the contrary, what unites them in their political message of a vision of the future of the country and its citizens, the platform (online and in print) chose to present 6 Albanian candidates .

Musa Kamenica

Musa Kamenica, PS, Lausanne

They present themselves under the colors of the Swiss Socialist Party. Sir. Kamenica has been active since 2008 and works as a municipal councilor in Lausanne.

It aims to be a bridge for the integration of the two countries, Switzerland and Kosovo, and to bring together as many social interests as possible through its theoretical knowledge and experience. He is a candidate who has the potential to attract attention in the election.

Tefik Rashiti

Tefik Rashiti, “Center”, Nyon

He joins the mission of the “Center” party. Tefik is an example who, through his work and the representation of his political ideas, can be an advocate for Albanian society, both for his own interests and also for other Swiss citizens and other nationalities.

He is the only Albanian to have been a city councilor in Nyon since the 2000s.

He is a professional mechanic who has his own service in the city of Nyon. He was also an actor at the Kurora Theater, writes He contributed to Albanian culture in Switzerland and continues to do so.

His political leadership is clear and he presents himself as a particular person. He campaigns to promote the interests of Albanian society.

Tefik fights for a prosperous and united society.

“We want to promote compatibility between work and family life and offer more flexibility in working conditions. We are fighting to increase the number of nurseries and childcare facilities.

“We want to maintain a high quality of education for educators and offer attractive working conditions,” he said.

Ermira Rexhaj

Ermira Rexhaj, PS, Nyon

For the election on March 20, 2022, there are not only Albanian candidates with long political experience. As mentioned before, in fact, there are also young people trying to make a contribution in Switzerland. One of them is 21-year-old Albanian Ermira Rexhaj, writes She wants to make her voice heard during the election, which is why she ran for parliament in the canton of Vaud from the municipality of Nyon.

She is a member of the Municipal Youth Council and participates under the Socialist Party’s logo. Ermira studied economics in Nyon, where she also lives. This is the second time she is trying to win the support of voters.

She can be a young woman to represent issues of youth, community and its development, with new ideas, time, future and appropriate social interaction.

“Together, we fight for a canton with better quality public services for all. “With our structured program, we are committed to the quality of life of the people on a daily basis and throughout their lives!”, She declared on Facebook.

She is an example to support and follow! She represents a new generation that will speak out and take initiatives for the citizens!

HOXHA token

Token Hoxha, PS, Lausanne West

Jeton is another successful Albanian seeking a seat in Vaud’s cantonal parliament. He is from the town of Peja, he is educated from the town of Renens in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. He completed his master’s studies at the University of Lausanne, Department of Economics and Management. He works as head of social security in the municipality and represents an important voice for the Albanians there, writes Jeton is a serious and dedicated man in his work. He was deputy for Renen’s municipality for ten years for 2 periods.

Token is delegated to the Security Municipalities of Lausanne Ouest (Police, Polouest); The office of Renen’s deputy; Municipal delegate to the regional and inter-municipal commission CRI and municipal delegate to the regional organization of civil protection. He is active as a candidate in 7 municipalities: Renens, Chavannes, Ecublens, Crissier, Villars-st-Croix, Bussigny, St-Sulpice and certainly defends the interests of the Albanians.

The token represents another bridge of unity between Switzerland and Kosovo and Albania. Moreover, it is a well-known activist for social issues, culture, the representation of their ideas.

He also stands with the Socialist Party and hopes to get the necessary votes.

Mergim Dibrani

Mergim Dibrani, PS, Yverdon

He is an Albanian who presents himself under the logo of the Socialist Party to the municipal council of the city of Yverdon.

After finishing primary school, he worked in a workshop for 7 years. “I then decided to defend the interests of the disabled, which has always been close to my heart,” says Mërgim.

Its goal in politics is to ensure full integration and to provide equal opportunities for all people with disabilities, remove all barriers to social, economic, cultural and civilian life in the everyday environment, writes albinfo.c. He says he is in the best position to be a citizen who is politically responsible for the rights and immediate needs of Albanian society. Mërgim can be an important factor in the interest of all citizens.

Loren Sheu

Lorena Sheu, PS, Yverdon

Lorena Shehu presents herself under the colors of the Socialist Party. Her political debut dates back to 2016 in Yverdon, where she is now pursuing her second term as a city councilor.

She is 37 years old, married and the mother of 3 daughters. A wife and mother who can also be a strong candidate for women’s rights, social issues and economic development. Lorena has completed her master’s degree in economics and business administration.

She is passionate about the humanities and various social issues to find the opportunity for their progression and development, writes The candidate is active in various associations working for the integration of migrants.

She declares that she will work hard for an open canton that will be solid in the social and economic field. It will strengthen the equal treatment of all and will undertake to promote the richness of the different cultures of the canton of Vaud.

The main purpose of Lorena’s application is to bring a different point of view and experience from the various areas she works in, such as law, health, education, asylum and social. She represents immigration, family, women’s rights and her integration into society, being the first generation here in Switzerland. She relies on this experience to try to prove that she is an important candidate to be followed with interest.


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