In ten years, PC Families has proven itself, according to the canton

According to the canton, the supplementary benefit scheme for families in the canton of Vaud has largely provided satisfaction in ten years. This system, created in 2011, has made it possible to reduce families’ insecurity and help reduce their use of social assistance.

Adopted in May 2011, entered into force in October, the Supplementary Services (PC) Families cater to families with children under the age of 16 who have lived for at least three years in the canton and who can not join the two ends despite a job. Their goal is to prevent low-income households from resorting to social assistance.

This social system upstream and therefore in the prevention of Insertion Income (RI) is today financed with 42% of a joint contribution of 0.06% on salary, ie. the price of a coffee a month, which Pierre-Yves Maillard fondly remembered at the time. , father of the project. Canton and municipalities account for 58% of the funding.

“Economic boost”

The head of the Department of Health and Social Action (DSAS) Rebecca Ruiz on Thursday drew a “very positive” assessment of this social system over ten years. “Through this family policy measure, we aim to provide occasional support to low-income families who are in phases of life where they cannot always reach their full potential for activity,” she recalled.

“Family PCs represent this economic boost that is sometimes needed to avoid precariousness and the use of social assistance. In doing so, we reduce both the social and economic costs that society bears,” she continued.

The Minister presented the results of an external evaluation carried out by two research offices in support of her remarks. They conclude that family PCs have achieved their goal: to reduce poverty among working families who are unable to meet their essential needs, to prevent their use of social assistance and to promote the maintenance of their lucrative activity or even increase it. .

This economic advantage, which only the cantons of Ticino, Geneva and Solothurn have in common, has also helped to stabilize situations and opened up new perspectives: many families have succeeded in increasing their activity rate and thus their economic autonomy. In ten years, 36% of the families have definitely left any support scheme, the canton emphasizes.

More than 14,000 beneficiary families

From 2011 to 2021, more than 14,100 families have benefited from family PCs. By the end of 2021, there were about 5,400 families benefiting from this assistance, that is, about 19,300 people.

The average duration that a household spends under this scheme is two years for an average allowance of 1039 francs per month. This payment may also include reimbursement of expenses for sickness and childcare. These 1039 francs are to be compared with the 3500 francs that a family on social assistance receives on average per month. To date, the cost per. family therefore about three times less than in RI.

In 2020, 83.87 million francs were paid in additional benefits. A record year. At the start, this amount was around 40 to 50 million francs before rising and stabilizing since 2018/2019.

Coaching program

Among the beneficiaries we often find families with three or more children, single parents and with a basic level of education. About 35% of the families come from Switzerland, 40% from Europe and 25% from countries outside Europe.

The evaluation, which is based on 31 households, also shows that families recognize the benefits and usefulness of the system. Beneficiaries also claim that their stress in terms of finances is reduced, which has a positive impact on their health.

Rebecca Ruiz also announced that the pilot program for “Coaching PC Families” – launched in 2016 and rated as very positive – will be made permanent. It allows particularly vulnerable families to be followed for at least a year by coaches to improve their professional situation, sometimes by revisiting their family organization, changing jobs, or increasing their activity percentage.

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