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WENDI Mae Davidson is serving a 25-year prison sentence for the murder of her husband in 2005.

For the first time, she talks about the murder and her life in prison.

Wendi Mae Davidson goes on to assert her innocence

Davidson told reporters on ABC’s 20/20 show that she did not kill her husband, Michael Severance, and that she wanted the world to know her side of the story.

She continues to maintain her innocence after pleading not guilty to first-degree murder and two counts of tampering with evidence in October 2006.

“I did what I did, I think it was awful, I think I made a bad choice, there were better choices to make. But I still have not killed him,” Davidson said in a preview of the prison interview.

Davidson reported that her husband, Air Force Staff Sergeant Severance, disappeared in January 2005.

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Two months later, her body was found in a pond on a remote ranch about 20 miles outside of San Angelo, Texas, where the couple lived.

The toxicological report showed that Severance had been poisoned with sedatives and then stabbed 41 times after his death.

Davidson was a veterinarian.

Initially, she told police that the last time she saw her husband was the day before he disappeared, saying he was worried about being sent out and nervous “something bad would happen”.

By the time of his disappearance, Severance had been deployed to the Middle East five times, preparing for his sixth tour.

The couple had just celebrated the birth of their first child, where Davidson had already had a child from a previous marriage. She claimed that the stress of family and work comes down to severance pay.

Davidson said the three-hour drive back and forth from Severance to work made him take caffeine pills, and she claimed to have noticed he drank every afternoon.

There was never any indication that he was having substance abuse problems.

“I was busy trying to run this clinic, which I just opened, and taking care of two little babies,” she told 20/20. “At the time, I was not aware that there was a problem, but when I look back, you know that hindsight is 20/20 and all, so when I look back, there was obviously a problem., It is not normal. “

The San Angelo Police Department, Texas Rangers, and Air Force Office of Special Investigation (OSI) began investigating the disappearance, even though Severance was on leave at the time, so OSI could not set up an investigation until he was expected to return to work. .

When Severance did not show up, he was considered AWOL, and OSI was able to take the lead in the investigation, designating him as a deserter.

In February 2005, a month after her disappearance, there was a rift in the case.

OSI was able to place a tracking device in Davidson’s car under the pretext that she might be helping Severance’s hideout.

They discovered that she had visited a remote ranch called the Four Sevens Ranch.

OSI and San Angelo police had also searched the family’s home and Davidson’s veterinary clinic. The results showed suspicious research, including “a body that decomposes in water”.

Davidson claimed she was researching this topic because of her husband’s ongoing research.

After the police interrogation, Davidson called his brother, Marshall Davidson, who was the game warden at the time.

She reportedly told him she found Severance dead in the living room and dumped his body in a pond on Four Sevens Ranch, but swore she did not kill him.

Marshall told her he was an officer and she could not tell him. He and their parents went to her house to discuss things, but Marshall called the police to tell them what she had told him.

Wendi Mae Davidson said she moved the body to the pond, stuck it and weighed it down with ash blocks before putting it in the water.

“I had to take these weights and I’m trying to attach them to this body and it’s obviously in the middle of the night you know I can barely see,” she said.

“I knew the air was making the bodies flow, so I decided to make holes in the body, air holes, like, so the air could escape.”

After the body was found, Wendi Mae Davidson was remanded in custody and charged with first-degree murder and two counts of tampering with evidence.

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She was released from prison before a toxicological report revealed that Severance had been poisoned by animal tranquilizers, which Davidson allegedly had access to at her clinic.

“I think my husband was a victim, I think my children were victims,” ​​she said. “I think Mike’s family are victims.”

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