It’s pink, it’s round, it’s cute, and the adults love it

“Now that the children have had fun Elden Ring, it’s the real guys’ turn with … Kirby! » This meme is not the only one who shares on social networks and reports on players’ impatience for Kirby and the forgotten world, a new game dedicated to Nintendo’s little pink ball and available since Friday on Switch. Less known than Mario, Zelda or Pikachu, Kirby is nonetheless an iconic character with already 30 years of existence and just as many games. And then its childish design hides a wealth, for both young and old.

Eric is a 42 year old fan of video games. But Kirby, he did not really believe it: “I have known about the license for a long time, but I did not play it, I saw it as a platform game for children, a kind of even more childish Mario. So uninteresting. But the rave reviews of Kirby Super Star Ultra on the Nintendo DS in 2009 make him put his preconceptions aside. A surprise, a discovery: “In terms of and opportunities for gameplay, it explodes Mario.”

With great power comes a great appetite

When it was drawn in 1992 by the young Masahiro Sakurai, the future creator of the series Super Smash Bros., Kirby is still called Popopo, and his form is only temporary, to facilitate the work of the animators and before he finds a final look. Except that the team attaches to this ball with arms and feet and decides to keep it. Its name comes from the American lawyer John Kirby, who in the 1980s defended Nintendo against Universal in the Donkey Kong versus King Kong case. As for its power, it is limited in the first game, Kirby’s dreamland on Gameboy, to suck enemies in as objects. Like Pac-Man back then. But immediately after Kirby’s adventure on the NES he not only swallows his enemies, he also absorbs their forces.

The little pink ball can be formidable with a sword, a hammer, a lasso, a yo-yo, an umbrella, bells or as a tornado, doctor, refrigerator! “The kawai side of the character has become a great pleasure in the game,” explains Eric. My wife had not played a platform game in Super Mario Bros. at NES and she spent our vacation a few years ago on Kirby: Mass attack. The gameplay is both accessible and rich, with just the right amount of challenge and wonder. And sometimes what the hell. »

Kirby and the forgotten world, the first in 3D, emerges there, with evolutionary transformations and above all a new force, Transmorphism, where Kirby has eyes bigger than her stomach and swallows bulb, car, goods elevator or vending machine. The result on the screen is as fun as it is practical. “Now I often expect a Kirby more than a Mario,” Eric admits. mario and Zelda are Nintendo’s blockbusters, want to make the revolution with each next-gen passage, which super mario odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Switch, but the playing field and innovation are more to be found on Kirby’s page. Or other “smaller” but no less interesting and exciting characters and games, e.g. Luigi’s mansion and Yoshi’s Crafted World.

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