Love is in the meadow | The agricultural machine for making babies

Leave the theme song here. They say love is not hard to find … when cameras come into the meadow. And heart statistics prove it: 15 long-lasting pairs have been formed in nine seasons of Love is in the meadow and 27 babies were born thanks to all these farmers who dared to step out of their eloquent “comfort zone”.

Published on January 13th

Last year alone, three solid couples hatched before our eyes, including the dear candidates David and Alex, who got engaged before Christmas. Ève and Denis (aka M. Sporting Metaphors) do not let go of one sole (of a boot), while Marc-Antoine, who had chosen Anne before dumping him in the middle of the Last Supper, resumed connection with Alexa once the production of the reality show Amor has ended. They have been lovers since last spring.

Another impressive figure: Quebec gave birth to the largest family of all the international editions of Love is in the meadowthat of Jessyca and Jérôme, from the second edition, who have had six children since they met in 2012. A Groulx family in the making?

On the 10thand season of Love is in the meadow, which starts this Thursday at 8pm at Noovo, still promises love at first sight between two mountain bike escapades to a backdrop of western music. Rumor has it that at least four couples passed the holiday test.

Among the five new faces in the popular show (averaging 673,000 viewers) is a woman, Marika, 26, from Sainte-Eulalie, as well as a gay farmer, Luka, 24, from Issoudun, who likes countrydancing and building things “equally as bets “.

Added are Denis, 53, from Casselman, Ontario, Joé, 29, from Saint-Jean-de-Matha, as well as Marc-Antoine, 31, from Saint-Aimé.

The structure of reality TV has become a bit compressed to set the pace. Introductions and selection of partners in the first section, speed dating in the second and moves to the yard in the third, it rolls. This is a welcome improvement because Love is in the meadow often took a month to take off.


The candidate Joé during his meetings with some of the young ladies he had chosen.

And because they’re looking for lasting relationships, competitors never hide their bets. They almost all project themselves into the future with a large family, it’s fascinating.

Their character traits emerge just as quickly. Marika only talks about volleyball, sports and weekend activities. The tall Joé, a romantic measuring 6 ft 6 inches, often insists on his self-sufficient farm project. He is the calmest and most introverted in the group.

Father of three children, Denis has the profile as the good Jack, mocking, funny and smiling. Fun fact: he dated host Katherine Levac’s aunt almost 30 years ago. Luka is fast, perfectionist, with a sticky tendency when he is not shoveling manure on Sunday morning.

Former steelworker Marc-Antoine has a passion for motor vehicles – snowmobiling, boating, motocross, you name it, he has tried them all. He even meets his suitors in the box of his truck.

Unlike last season, the candidates will not only kiss each other with their eyes, as the health rules allow voting at the time of filming last summer. The final tour was filmed in the Playa del Carmen area of ​​Mexico before the Omicron variant screwed it up.

Back to another round, comedian Katherine Levac retains her complicity with farmers. She follows singles and incubates them like a hen mother. This TV format is well suited for benevolent animation, devoid of sarcasm and mockery.

Back to culture (bis)

ARTV launches its new culture magazine on Friday at 8 pm, which will follow Back to the culture by Benoit McGinnis and Sophie Fouron. it is Cultureruled by the very likeable Chantal Lamarre, who promises to be more mainstream than his predecessor.

concept? Each of the 10 sections of Culture deals with a timeless theme: villains, the sea, kitsch, the color blue, etc. In a semi-cycle, inspired by Cyclorama from Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Chantal Lamarre and three collaborators will discuss works related to the main topic.


Chantal Lamarre will host the new show Culture.

For example, the episode about villains revisits the 1952 cult film Little Aurore, the child martyrabout the scary make-up of the group Kiss, about the effect of Grumpyon the film Hot water, corrosive water, by André Forcier, as well as the shocking performances of the Russian artist Pyotr Pavlenski. It is eclectic, both popular and sharp. All delivered in unpretentious discussions. It is very well done. We do not feel nono because we do not know everything that is covered Culture.

And since the ARTV magazine does not stick to this week’s news, you can watch it almost anytime without any hassle. The partners of Culture, as Chantal Lamarre calls his “elite chatterboxes”, comes from different spheres: dance, literature, television, theater, cinema. You will see, among others, Rébecca Déraspe, Guillaume Corbeil, Fanny Britt, Elkahna Talbi, Émilie Bibeau, Mélanie Demers, Mathieu Quesnel, Laurent Paquin, Catherine Trudeau and Olivier Kemeid.

The carousel is offered by Culture is entertaining, intelligent and not at all dizzying.

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