“Mali, France, Senegal, Love, Repulsion” by Amadou Bal BA

Mali, France and Senegal, between love and repulsion»By Amadou Bal BA –

At the initiative of the associationInterculture of the 20th“, Chaired by Mr Hamidou SAMAKE, Vice-Mayor of Paris, a conference was held on Friday, March 25, 2022 in the Assembly Hall of the City Hall of the 20th Arrondissement and hosted by the author, Mr Seidik ABBA:”Mali-Sahel, our own Afghanistan ? ”.

This conference is held in a special context. The Court of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) has in a decision of 24 March 2022 just suspended the ECOWAS sanctions against the Malian government. For the Malian Government, these sanctions decided by the Conference of Heads of State risk leading to “consequences which are difficult to repair in the light of the social, economic and financial consequences.seriously harmful», Not only to the Malian state but to the Malians themselves, is suspended. These sanctions also affect Senegal; As Mali is a landless country, most of its goods pass through the port of Dakar.

Furthermore, the situation in Mali is assessed in the light of the resurgence of military coups in Africa and the Cold War, as a result of the Russian Tsar’s invasion of Ukraine. In general, the African policy of France, as in the good old days of General de GAULLE (1890-1970) and Jacques FOCCART’s (1913-1997) françafrique, is questioned by the African peoples, condemning this independence in independence. The French intervention in Mali did not resolve the issue of security in the north of the country. What was worse, the Malian government did not have the right to go to Gao, a kind of division of the country that did not say its name without fighting the jihadists. Some gossipers wonder: how could France become the fourth world producer of gold?

Also Mr. Choguel MAIGA, Prime Minister of Mali, during his speech in September 2021 at the UN, blamed President MACRON “to leave Mali in full flight“. I remind you that in 2012, after the assassination of President Muammar GADDAFI (1942-2011), and Nicolas SARKOZY, according to Médiapart, would be heavily involved in this crime, various groups of terrorists were scattered in other countries in the Sahel, especially in Mali.

Finally, Mali is a flawed, misunderstood and exploited debate, which is why it is difficult to see clearly, especially the bankruptcy of the colonial state and the establishment of a Françafrique for a continent of 33 million square kilometers rich in raw materials.

The relationship between Mali and its partners fluctuates between love and repulsion. It was the pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324 by Kankan Moussa, 10th Mansa in Mali from 1312 to 1337, which aroused all the desire of the Westerner with regard to Africa. After Ibn KHALDOUN (1332-1406) one could extract 3 to 4 tons of gold a year in Mali. Also the Portuguese, at the time, the greatest navigators, began the conquest of Africa. The Empire of Mali has long dominated my Fouta-Toro, northern Senegal. It was after the assassination of his father that Satigui, Coly Tenguella BA came to conquer and unite Fouta-Toro. In this sense, the Islamization of Mali by El Hadji Omar TALL through holy war has left deep traces between the two peoples. It is through Senegal that the colonizer, who wanted to track the Dakar-Niger railway, that “pacification“has arrived. The descendants of El Hadji Omar TALL (1794-1864), especially Aguibou TALL (1843-1907), who became Fama in Bandiagara, participated in the defeat of Mali, a millennial people. In this relationship consisting of love and repulsion, the short-lived federation in Mali, the non-recognition of Lamine GUEYE (1891-1968), a Saint-Louisian from Medina, and the brutal dismissal of Léopold Sédar SENGHOR (1906-2001)) from the Modibo KEITA delegation (1915-1977 ), close to the Soviet camp, did not help the case.

Where is Mali going?

As the threads of dialogue have not been broken, it is possible to reach an agreement between the Malian government and ECOWAS on a fair transition period and a government with national unity, while respecting the sovereignty of this country.

I repeat that France still has its place in Africa, provided it finds its way to dialogue, mutually beneficial cooperation and respect for its historical partners. Certain brutal and despicable colonial methods must be avoided. Mali belongs to the Malians.

An activist to live well together, I believe in the republic and in democracy. Mr. Choguel MAIGA peacefully chased out of power the indolent IBK (1945-1922). The Malian Prime Minister, a statesman, will find the necessary resources to get Mali back on track.


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Paris, 25 February 2022 by Amadou Bal BA –

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