Melody Diana, entrepreneur and unclassifiable feminist

She was nicknamed the “MLF” – like the Women’s Liberation Movement – by her father in her childhood. Today, it offers distributors of free sanitary protection. Melody Diana has always had this little flame in her, and imposed on her this observation: “The inequalities between the sexes that I see on a daily basis are not a normal thing.”

First within her family, where this fan of Spice Girls of the time a spectator of farniente was a little too abusive of his father when it comes to domestic duties. Later, the sexual harassment at school did not spare her. “The guys in our class touched our breasts, the teachers made remarks to us … I was very angry, but I thought it was normal.”

Born a feminist? None. The young woman who – it can not be invented – was born on March 8, the anniversary of International Women’s Rights Day, would not claim it. It’s mostly movement #Me too, especially known since October 2017 subsequently Weinstein sagas, years after her first frustrations, which allowed her to put into words what she was feeling. Through experience, if she was not actually born a feminist, she eventually became one.

Goodbye to the comfort zone

Today, Melody Diana dares to assert herself, to embark on new projects. But it was not always so. “Métro-boulot-dodo” was the saying that turned everything upside down ten years ago. To escape the routine and start a new life, she left everything: her job as a social worker, her apartment, and her longtime companion. The following? Take the Cours Florent in Paris. Although she did not become an actress, the three years she spent there will certainly have shaped her life. “I finally took hold of my artistic side and dared to embark on new experiences,” she explains. The boost he needed.

From her 34 years, the young woman is now a professional part-time coach and manager of two companies in her spare time. One offers nanny for the little ones, the other organic cleaning in the home, for which she makes products herself, in her kitchen. But that’s not all. At the same time, she is taking care of her blog lifestyle, is working on writing a novel and recently the launch of a third company, Lili Periode, whose activities consist of installing distributors of free period protection in schools.

This idea came to him three years ago. “I was at a rest stop on the highway on my way to Ticino,” she recalls. business plan and contacted companies to create the prototype. “The end product? A medium-sized metal box, filled with organic tampons and sanitary napkins, all made available free of charge by companies that have purchased the dispenser.

And there… jackpot! Last June, the canton of Vaud announced its desire to provide about 50 Vaud schools with hygienic protection before the end of the year. At the same time, Melody Diana’s company, selected by the same pilot project from the state of Vaud, had its first products installed in sanitary facilities at the Haute Ecole Pédagogique (HEP).

In the mood of time

Lucky, but not only. His ideas are compatible with the times. Because Lili Period is not just a business, it is also an equal project, assures the entrepreneur, who aims to donate part of his profits to associations that fight against menstrual precariousness or that help women, female victims of sexual and systemic violence .

Melody Diana is not her first politically engaged project. She is the co-creator of a podcast covering feminist issues. Justified Lausanne New York, she launched it this year on a whim with her friend Amy, whom she met via her blog lifestyle. Behind this apparent spontaneity, the original Neuchâteloise criticizes her introversion. “It’s easier for me to stand in front of a computer than to talk. And it can cause problems when starting a business, ”she admits.

Whether she is shy or not, her ideas seduce. For proof, go to the toilets in HEP ​​Vaud, where small words of thanks have blossomed on the newly installed Lili Period distributors.


1987 Born in Val-de-Travers (NE).

2009 Completed his bachelor’s degree in social sciences at the University of Lausanne.

2011 Became a member of the Cours Florent in Paris.

2018 Becomes a job coach and founds the company Ma Nanny.

2020 Starts with an organic cleaning company and with the company Lili Periode.

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